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Two Fallout games?

posted Aug 08, 2017 17:11:20 by IsaacPriestley
Fantasy Flight Games have just announced a Fallout board game. What are the differences?
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Jordan.Peacock said Aug 08, 2017 19:50:07
A friend of mine just gave me a tip about that, too. (For some reason, people I know think I like Fallout, or something.)

It looks like it's akin to the old "World of Warcraft Adventure Game." There are miniatures, but there's no indication on what scale they're at, and they're for general location placement, not for skirmish-level combat.

That is, locations in the game world are represented with big hex tiles that portray a GENERAL location (a settlement, a stretch of road, etc.). It basically looks like a meta-simulation of a competitive campaign, where the player-characters move about on the campaign map, and deal with cards and die rolls to represent perks and allies they attain on the way, and challenges they face, as opposed to the skirmish-level scope of Wasteland Warfare, where we care about moving a few inches and getting behind some cover.

I'm INTERESTED in the game, but it's definitely not the same sort of game.
KimmoP said Aug 08, 2017 19:53:30
Tabletop games are like this :)

Board games are like this :)
BradIsdrab said Aug 09, 2017 18:40:22
Yeah I found it a bit confusing too. I'm surprised Bethesda would licence two somewhat similar products at the same time like that, essentially splitting their market.
MichaelD said Aug 09, 2017 21:28:59
It does appear a bit curious Bethesda would liscenae out two games, considering Bethesda has been very reluctant to liscence out the franchise in general, other than the promotional items in the Bethesda store.

If Star Wars can support x wing mintures, the Star Wars RPG, Star Wars Destiny card game and finally imperial assault I'm sure Fallout Fans can support two different fallout games.
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ChrisBirch said Aug 09, 2017 23:20:59
I think it will bring a lot of attention to both games - they're both quite different games there's plenty of room for all of us. I'll certainly be playing the FFG one as it looks fun :-)
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BillGioco said Sep 27, 2017 21:16:11
I'll be playing both as well. And maybe looking for ways to combine them :-)
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