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How common should artifacts be?

posted Aug 04, 2017 19:26:29 by
I have a Stalker in my group that have the talent that makes it easier to find artifacts (don't remember the name right now). She asks after artifacts for every new zone the group enters, and I don't know how many I should let her find.

I've rolled a die and said that she finds something on 1 & 2 on a D6, but is that to common? Or am I to stingy?
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Fenhorn said Aug 05, 2017 05:49:48
Artefacts are generated by the threat roll, not by the stalker. The stunt the stalker can choose, let her find an artefact in a sector, IF there is an artefact to be found (i.e. an artefact has been generated by the threat roll).

The stunt is basically a way to found an artefact (if any) easier but there could be more artefacts. If the threat roll didn't generate any artefacts, then the stalker will know at least that there is no artefacts in this sector. Also, stunts can only be chosen once per sector so if there is more artefacts in a sector, then the GM places them out according to his/her best imagination, often in the hands of any threat or under walls (or up high) so at least the players has to work for their treasure a little bit.
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