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Some assorted rules questions

posted Aug 02, 2017 21:41:28 by Vitor Rossi
Hi guys, I got conan to play with my group, and it was a blast! Everyone enjoyed it to no end, so, naturally, as we really like cyberpunk and shadowrun, we gone to try the Infinity Quickstart. It seems solid, but we're left with a few questions that maybe are anwsered in the full book, about reloads:
- How many reloads can a character carry with him? I imagine that it depends on the character concept, but, to get to examples, something like a beat cop, that, in real life, could possibly carry a 9mm pistol plus 2 magazines, or a soldier, with his trusty rifle plus 6-8 magazines, how do we translate it to Infinity? One reload equals to one magazine seems weird, as our soldier can unload 3 full magazines in a combat round!
- Also, how do I decide how many "reloads" fit in a gun? One of the players wanted his character to use the smallest pistol that we can think, logged in his boot, with only its internal magazine, so we rulled that it got no extra reload, fair enough, but what if another is left with only his battered submachine gun, and no extra magazine, it is fair to say that he got no extra reload as well? Does the submachine gun hold "2 reloads"? Maybe 3, to allow for a combat round at full auto fire?
- Also, not reload related, but in conan combat dice does damage on a 1 or 2, and damage AND effect on a 5 or 6, am I reading wrong, or is Infinity way less lethal than it, with damage on a 1 or 2, and only effect at 6?

Thanks in advance!
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Vladimir said Aug 03, 2017 12:42:02
Regarding reloads (my personal opinion).

First, I'll quote the book:
"Standard, Special, and Arrow ammunition is sold in
sets of three Reloads, while Heavy and Shell ammu-
nition are sold as individual Reloads."

So, I just think that a reload for a bullet driving weapon is about 1/3 of a magazine. So, what, about 10 rounds? Shells are pretty beefy, and even a box magazine will not likely hold more than 10 to 12 rounds. Drums, on the other hand, though…
darkdaysdawn said Feb 21, 2018 18:33:00
"Reloads" are a bit confusing, and some of the rules to explain them seem to contradict each other (see the link to another thread, below), but here's how I understand them to work, and how they are supposed to be rationalized:

Weapons don't "hold" reloads -- reloads are additional ammo that is readily available. Reloads are only consumed by using them to add +1d20 and +1[CD] per Reload during an attack, and Burst is the maximum number of Reloads you may expend in a single attack. Weapons with the Munitions quality are different, however, and require you to expend at least 1 Reload on every attack.

If you have a player with a pistol in their boot, which they then draw and use to attack, they would be able to expend a Reload to add +1d20 and +1[CD]. And then they can stuff the pistol back in their boot. The Reloads don't also have to fit in their boot.

Infinity RPG doesn't track a PC's carrying capacity or encumbrance. Yes, the GM can rule that, for example, carrying a half dozen machine guns is too much for one person.
However, there is no rule that specifically limits the number of Reloads you may carry (that I can find), and in fact, you could and should carry many of each type you use, for each weapon you have so that you can take advantage of Burst. Otherwise, you are greatly reducing the effectiveness of all ranged weapons which will unbalance the game (remember that NPCs can and will use Heat as Reloads).

A Reload, being abstract, doesn't have to mean an entire spare magazine either -- they could just as well be a combination of extra magazines, extended magazines, ammo belts, pockets full of shotgun shells, etc. Explaining it that way might help your group accept the abstract nature of ammunition in this game. Infinity RPG isn't a full simulation RPG, and much like Infinity N3 it seems the characters are all fairly "heroic" or mildly-superhuman compared to reality -- they should be able to carry plenty of ammo.

Like the commerce system in Infinity RPG, ammunition is an abstract concept. I believe this is intended to keep bookkeeping to a minimum and speed up game-play. Our group's experience has not yet found any major flaws with this concept. That said, there are some issues with the way the rules are written concerning what "0 Reloads" means as it seems to depend on whether you just bought the gun, or have purchased and used Reloads and then subsequently run out of them. See other thread:

Hope that helps.
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