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Living Campaign Discussion (Season 1)

posted Jul 31, 2017 17:22:13 by ChrisBirch
Please post your queries here
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PatricHenson said Jul 31, 2017 17:44:55
I take it the first wave of the living campaign is starting soon. I haven't got an email or anything yet, should I be watching for it soon?
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Jeremy said Jul 31, 2017 19:38:57
I just received the email with the link to the materials a bit ago, and was directed to this forum from there.
JohnBrentMacek said Jul 31, 2017 19:50:14
No idea what this is all about exactly, but I'm willing to take a look and possibly give it a try.
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Jeremy said Jul 31, 2017 19:57:36
I downloaded all the files and am going to read the two adventures. Everything looks really well organized, thus far, and I like what I'm seeing. More later.

WillHarvey said Jul 31, 2017 19:57:38
All it will download for me is he ship data sheet. Anyone else able to actually see the stuff?
Jeremy said Jul 31, 2017 20:00:20
@WillHarvey - Yeah. I got a file with 6 pregens in it, sheets for 4 different ships, a pair of Admiral's reports, a short overview of Narendra Station, and two separate adventures - one for TNG era, one TOS era.
WillHarvey said Jul 31, 2017 20:07:13
I don't see the adventures myself
CharlesModzinski said Jul 31, 2017 20:07:43
Got the email message with the downloads. I made a character and would like to use him for the Living Campaign.
WillHarvey said Jul 31, 2017 20:08:55
Nevermind. It's the July release stuff. Sorry, I had a moment...
Remi Fayomi (a.k.a. Negromaestro) said Jul 31, 2017 20:09:49
Yes, I got my email with the downloads successfully.
WillHarvey said Jul 31, 2017 20:11:52
The adventures also say to use pregenerated characters. My group is wanting to create characters of their own.
ChrisFougere said Jul 31, 2017 20:15:03
My group wants their own ship and their own characters, not pregens. Is that an option for the Living Campaign or does doing so basically make it a non-starter?
TroyLSeward said Jul 31, 2017 20:17:11
Cool just got my email too.

I plan to run TNG Era.

Can my player make their own characters or need to use the pregen.
TimKellogg said Jul 31, 2017 20:18:32
So, is this going to be "Organized Play"? How do I sign up for a number?
Jeremy said Jul 31, 2017 20:34:23
@WillHarvey the email suggested to use the pregens for convention or demo play, but to have players make their own characters using the Lifepath system in the rulebook.
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