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A couple questions about setting

posted Jul 29, 2017 11:16:43 by Urzum
Hello! Long time ago I was going and finally my group goes to Lunacity. In connection with which, I have several questions that have not been answered:
1. how do IDs work? Who gives them out and what are they? How they look?
2. Who controls Lunacity? Well, that is, utilities, lighting, who does it?
3. Critical Injures can only be healed by natural rest? I did not find medical rules to accelerate.
4. How does the manifestation of Dark Gifts look like?
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Marc_Langworthy said Aug 02, 2017 16:06:21
Hi Anton! Hope these help...

1. I'm not sure which IDs you're referencing? So I'll assume megacorporate IDs. There is no real canon on this, so it's all down to personal preference really. Being a dieselpunk setting, I'd opt for something similar to credit card style photo ID as a generality, which could then be modified to suit each corporation; Cybertronic could have a subdermal microchip, for instance, and Mishima some form of traditional scroll kept in a metal tube. Whitestar a very classic printed paper ID maybe.

2. Each megacorporation or faction would be responsible for their own areas of Luna City. Out in the Perimiters, each megacorporation likely charges extortionate sums to supply utilities, with each of them vying for the lion's share of the profits. I imagine whole teams of executives dedicated to penny-pinching from their rivals in squabbles over who supplies what to whom. Nothing like a bit of megacorporate waste of both finances and manpower on something they'll actually be spending out more on than saving!

3. Not at all. Check under Medicine: Treat Wounds on p. 138 of the corebook. Also, you can never get enough Exorcise Wounds from the Aspect of Exorcism :)

4. Remember here that Dark Gifts are bestowed by higher powers, never learned. The Dark Symmetry twists itself according to the commands of the wielder. Most Dark Gifts provide a brief description of the effects, but alongside this it should be easy to describe a deepening of the shadows, dimming of the lights, intensifying of cold - as thought the void where sucking out the atmosphere, etc.

If I'm wide of the mark with the answers here, please let me know!
Writer for Modiphius. Line Manager for Mutant Chronicles.
Urzum said Aug 03, 2017 15:04:44
Thanks for the fullest and most accessible answer. You largely dispelled my questions. Concerning the first question, about the ID, I was based on two points:
1. an introductory adventure from the 2nd edition, where players find the id of the Bauhaus operatives.
2. In one of the books he read that the Brotherhood registers newly born.
But once the canon is not, I tend to the documents issued by the 3 directorate of Brotherhood with specific corporate additions.
BloodAxeKommando said Aug 17, 2017 23:22:19
It could also be that you are registered twice. The Brotherhood has some kind of parish register while the corporations issue birth certificates.
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