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Manbeast Mutation

posted Jul 27, 2017 13:19:27 by Mahatatain
In my campaign one of my PCs has the Manbeast mutation and that seems to give him claws as standard (without using MPs for any special abilities). My question is what damage code should those claws be? They are presumably better than fist damage but is there an official ruling anywhere?

Thanks for any help with this.
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Fenhorn said Jul 27, 2017 14:57:19
They still have a weapon damage of 1. It is an abstract game where melee weapons do 1, 2 or 3 damage and swords do 2 and heavier weapons do 3. There isn't that much room for anything but 1.
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Mahatatain said Jul 28, 2017 08:28:36
Thanks for info.
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