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Herolab - What would you like to see in an Unofficial dataset?

posted Jul 24, 2017 14:43:00 by TCArknight
Hello all!

As a fan of both Star Trek Adventures and Herolab (HL going forward), I asked and was given permission to do a UNOFFICIAL dataset for folks to use. As a developer (in my day job as well as messing around in HL) I know what I would like to see, but I would like to know what you, the potential user, would like to see as well. What's essential, what's ok to have, or what you don't want. I would like to know it all. :)

A few of caveats:
1) I am a programmer as my day job with sometimes hectic schedules.
2) Family life takes precedent to development time (and with wife and three teens in house, that can be just as hectic as work life. :) )
3) I'm doing this as an opportunity to give back to the gaming community for way too many years of enjoyment. :)
4) Users would need, as per HL, access to the Authoring Kit in order to run the dataset in full (non-demo) mode.

My current plan is to tackle thing in this order:
1) Main Character Lifepath - I'm not sure if HL would support the random chart rolls, so it would be up to the user to simply roll on a table (perhaps with the built-in roller) and select the resulting option.
2) Supporting Characters
3) Starships
4) Milestone character advancement

Please let me know your thoughts, interest, etc..

Thomas C.
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avatar said Jul 24, 2017 22:00:29
If the build was there I can enter data. I've added data for multiple games in HL. But I have discovered that I just cannot seem to build an actual game system.
Aldaron said Jul 25, 2017 03:18:27
I'll put my hand up for data entry, as well. I've never had the time to get my head around the actual scripting language of HL, but I've used the editing tools a lot, and would be more than happy to help out that way. Certainly with testing and the like, as I've used HL extensively for 10+ years.
TCArknight said Aug 04, 2017 17:16:01
Hi all!

Just a quick update.

I'm close to having the basic data structures complete for creating a Main Character with the Lifepath method. (My test character if Riker from the G&S article). Some should be reusable for Supporting Characters as well.

Not sure whether going to enter all the various values and focus names, or leave it for the user to enter. Maybe a combination.

I'll try to put together some Screenshots, etc in the next week or so.

Aldaron said Aug 04, 2017 23:19:31
Hi TCAirknight,

Sounds like you're doing a great job with this! :)

As I said, I'm happy to help with the data entry if you need an extra set of fingers on a keyboard.

Re: values/focuses, I think a good idea would be if those in the book are entered in, but the option is there for the user to enter their own as well. I have a list of focuses that I plundered from the old LUG Trek skill specialisations, and Talents I'm putting together by modifying Professional Abilities from Decipher Trek, so I know I'd definitely be able to want to customise these.
TCArknight said Aug 13, 2017 04:50:31
Bit of progress:

Name: William T RIker
Rank: Commander
Assignment: First Officer, USS Enterprise (NCC-1701D)
Species: Human
Age: 25
Attributes: Control 8, Daring 11, Fitness 10, Insight 8, Presence 12, Reason 7
Disciplines: Command 5, Conn 4, Engineering 1, Medicine 1, Science 1, Security 4
Focuses: Athletics, Composure, Hand Phasers, Inspiration, Starship Recognition, Team Dynamics
Values: Always Be The Best, Married to the Enterprise, My Duty Is To My Captain, To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Talents: Advisor, Bold: Command, Dauntless, Follow My Lead

Stress: 14

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TCArknight said Aug 31, 2017 20:57:39
More Progress:
Name: USS Parnikee
Ship Class: Miranda Class

Scale: 4
Power: 10
Shields: 11
Resistance: 4
Systems: Comm 9, Computers 9, Engines 10, Sensors 9, Structure 11, Weapons 11
Departments: Command 0, Conn 0, Engineering 0, Medicine 0, Science 0, Security 0

Overview: During the mid to late 2260s the Federation saw increasing tensions with the Klingon Empire and many analysts thought that war was inevitable with Qo’noS. The design of the Miranda class began as a dual-purpose patrol and combat vessel designed specifically to counter Klingon designs, specifically recent refits of the D7 battle cruiser. A combined team of designers from Starfleet Tactical and the Starfleet Advanced Technologies Group began co-opting and adjusting technologies and systems from the upcoming Constitution class refit, producing a heavily armed attack vessel just as peace broke out between the Federation and the Empire in 2267. Production of six spaceframes occurred before further manufacturing was halted while a complete redesign was undertaken. In 2272, the Miranda development group had beaten the sword into a plowshare by redesigning nearly 70% of the internal volume of the starship, attempting to make the vessel into a science and survey ship. The result was a highly adaptable starship that continues to be in use nearly one hundred years since its introduction.

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TN_Clegg said Mar 20, 2018 00:55:46
A bit of a bump to revive this. :)

I would like to have two or three people at least put the STA dataset through its paces to work out any bugs, quirks, etc...

Post here and/or email me at TN_Clegg AT lycos DOT com and i’ll get you the link to the dataset files. :)

Currently the dataset includes the core book info and stuff the Command Division Sourcebook. I’m working on the Beta Quadrant book at the moment.
SteveHanson said Mar 20, 2018 02:01:58
I would be pleased to help with this. My email is
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StephenBirks said Mar 20, 2018 06:34:28

Sorry but I am rescinding my offer to help. I emailed you and got a spam-auto reply. I advise others to not contact that email address.
[Last edited Mar 20, 2018 09:49:45]
TN_Clegg said Mar 20, 2018 12:21:01
I’m very sorry. I’ve been fighting that spam for quite a while now (Constantly in contact with Lycos support). Seems like no matter what I do, it comes back. I’m only accessing it through webmail, so not sure if it’s on my end or Lycos’ end.

I’ll see if any of my other potential email (I think I get one through my cable for having internet, but not sure) are still valid.

In the meantime, just posting here to avoid potential spam would be fine.

Thanks again and I deeply apologize for the issue.
[Last edited Mar 20, 2018 13:09:03]
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