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Personal command tests

posted Jul 23, 2017 19:52:18 by Gilandilas
I did not want to sidetrack the Kobayashi Maru thread but there was a sidebar in the rulebook that kicked my imagination into overdrive:

How about this: (at least) any command cadet (or any Starfleet officer above a certain rank) will be subjected to a test they do not like to talk about.

Cadets are under intense scrutiny and likely receive counseling (as it has been common for people to crack in the past under such pressure as the academy dumps on their cadets). Very likely the scenario will differ from cadet to cadet, challenging some of their core values.

For Kirk it was accepting defeat, for Troy it was accepting the responsibility of ordering somebody to their death (and I think Wesley was tested also but I neither remember nor care enough to check).

If your characters dig that, you could bounce of their characters values and make something appear in a flash back or some introspective scenes. Remember, it was not about scarring or breaking the character, it was about making sure he/she could do it with their values in alignment to the Federation principles!

What do you think?
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