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Geek and Sundry Makes Commander Riker

posted Jul 22, 2017 05:30:50 by BytomMan
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Aldaron said Jul 22, 2017 07:00:02
Nice. I was thinking of running a similar process for a couple of other TNG characters: Picard (obviously), LaForge, Troi. Worf would be a little tricky, but I think I can kludge together a Klingon PC species from looking at the NPC templates. Data would be the difficult one, primarily because ordinary PCs are designed to be somewhat balanced, whereas a Soong-type android is most definitely not balanced! I'm thinking that Fitness and Reason, at least, wouldn't be capped at 12, and Data would have to have some kind of inbuilt armour (increasing his Resistance) such that Lily hosing him with an assault rifle in First Contact just leaves him looking a little perplexed! :)
AllenShock said Jul 22, 2017 07:43:26
Small problem :!you can only have one Attribute at 12 during character creation.
Aldaron said Jul 22, 2017 07:54:43
That's kind of my point, though. A Soong-type android isn't your typical PC. Data having "the strength of ten men" kind of breaks the rules to begin with. :)
Kyle said Jul 22, 2017 08:15:27
Data -- and other Soong type androids-- might be difficult to make player characters, but the rules for NPC creation could be helpful. I don't have the PDF with me, but there are rules for Exceptional Attributes that still fall within the available range.

That would probably also apply to holograms -- the Doctor -- and maybe even augments like Bashir.
Aldaron said Jul 22, 2017 10:23:48's my first crack, using the same style as the link BytomMan provided.
This one is for Jean-Luc Picard. I've included a character sheet at the end (it's a screenshot of the Excel spreadsheet character sheet that I'm using)

Step One: Species

As a Human, we get to choose 3 attributes that really encompass Picard. With his legendary self-discipline, Control is definitely one attribute for Picard. Presence reflects his powerful personality and natural leadership skills, while Insight touches on his empathy and ability to see different points of view and respect them.
We’ll also choose all four talents in Step 7.

Step Two: Environment

In Picard’s case, he was born and raised on a vineyard, near LeBarre, France, on Earth. So it would be Homeworld (Earth).
For the value chosen at this time, which reflects how Picard relates to his own culture and history, we can look at his relationship to his own family and history, and select the value: “Always Remember Where You Came From”
Here he will improve one of the three selected Attributes. As Picard was noted by his older (jealous) brother, Robert, to always be in control. So we’ll improve Control.
The Discipline he improves is obviously going to be Command.

Step Three: Upbringing

LeBarre, Picard’s childhood home, is noted on several occasions to be “a village”. So we’ll say his upbringing was “Agricultural or Rural”. Picard, however, never wished to stay and become a viticulturist – rather, he dreamt of the future and Starfleet, much to his father's chagrin, so we’ll say he “Rebelled”.
So he increases his Presence by 1, and Reason by 2.
Picard also gets to choose a Discipline out of Conn, Security, or Medicine, and a Focus.
We know that Picard can handle a helm. On several occasions he volunteers to pilot a shuttle himself, and he was a conn officer aboard the Stargazer early in his career, so we’ll add 1 to Conn.
He also excelled at sports, known at the Academy for being an excellent marathon runner, so we’ll add the focus “Endurance”

Step Four: Starfleet Academy

As first a conn officer, and then a rising star through the ranks of command, Picard’s obvious specialty track is Command.
He can split 3 Attribute points to split between 2 or three attributes. At this stage of his life, Picard is still something of a rebellious youth, so we’ll add 1 to Daring. He also continues to run marathons, and is involved in the Academy wrestling team, so we’ll add 1 to Fitness. Finally, he is continuing to learn more about his own self-discipline at this stage, so we’ll add another to Control.
He now also selects a major Discipline at +2 (which we’ll obviously make Command), and two other disciplines at +1. Picad can certainly handle himself in a fight, so we’ll at 1 to Security, and it is also at this stage that he starts to develop his interest in archaeology, so we’ll add the other 1 to Science.
We’ll also choose three Focuses to reflect things that are definitive Picard: Diplomacy, Persuasion, and Small Craft. These reflect his eventual fame as a mediator and negotiator, and his knack for shuttle piloting.

Step Five: Career

By the time of TNG, Picard would definitely be considered a Veteran Officer (he has already had his own command for some time, and has just been put in command of the Federation flagship).
Here he gets a Talent: Veteran, as well as a Value. For this point in Picard’s career, the value “See What’s Over the Horizon” would reflect his love of exploration and dedication to “boldly going…”.

Step Six: Career Events

Here we pick two significant events which shaped Picard’s career.

The first occurred shortly after Picard graduated from the Academy, when he got into a fight with a group of Nausicaans, which led to him being stabbed through the heart and almost dying. From that, he learned that life is empty without risk.
We’ll select the “Serious Injury” event, but modify it slightly. Rather than picking up 1 in Fitness, Picard picks up 1 in Daring, reflecting the life-lesson he learned.
His time spent in recovery lets him increase his Medicine by 1 (which also reflects his later picking up a bit of Medical knowledge from his friendship with Beverly Crusher).
He will gain a focus that reflects his improved skill in melee fighting: “Hand-To-Hand Fighting”
Lastly, he also picks up a trait: Prosthetic Heart

The second great turning point occurred in 2333, when the Stargazer’s captain was killed and the then-Lt. Commander Picard assumed command of the ship.
This is reflected in the “Required to Take Command” event. Picard’s Daring increased by 1 as a result of his actions, as did his Command Discipline.
He also picked up the focus “Lead By Example”

Step Seven: Finishing Touches

The final value that we add to round out Picard will be his dogged belief in truth above all things, something he learned in the Academy and carried through his entire career. We’ll call it “The First Duty is to the Truth”
None of his Attributes are above 12, so he can increase two of them by 1 each. We’ll select Control and Presence.
Again, none of his Disciplines are above 5 (Command is at 5), so we’ll increase two Disciplines by 1 each. We’ll pick Engineering and Science.

Let’s check that the Attribute total is 56 and Discipline is 16.
Control 11, Fitness 8, Presence 10, Daring 10, Insight 8, and Reason 9 = 56, so we’re good there.
Command 5, Conn 2, Security 2, Engineering 2, Science 3, and Medicine 2 = 16; all good.

We need four Values, so we’ll pick an extra one. One thing that we consistently see with Picard is his willingness to fight for his ethical standards, no matter the cost. We’ll give him the Value: “Never Compromise on What’s Right”
He has six Focuses, so we’re okay there.

Finally, we need to pick three more Talents. Picard has the ability to always get the best out of his starship crew, so we’ll pick “Supervisor”. He is difficult to intimidate, and the episode Chain of Command shows us he can even resist torture for a time, so we’ll select “Dauntless”. Lastly, Picard is famous as a mediator and negotiator, so we’ll give him the Talent “Defuse the Tension”.

So this is how I'm envisioning Picard at the beginning of TNG...

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erikfilean said Jul 22, 2017 13:03:30
Worf would be a little tricky, but I think I can kludge together a Klingon PC species from looking at the NPC templates.

I tackled Worf early on, and I didn't find that a lack of species-specific Talents for Klingons was a huge problem. For Worf ca. 2371 (before his promotion, and while he was still in good graces with the High Council), this is what I came up with:

Aldaron said Jul 22, 2017 13:11:51
Yeah, I like that Worf. I love how his bat'leth does the same damage as his damned Type-II phaser!! No wonder Klingons want to go hand-to-hand!

I was going to have a shot at Beverly and Deanna tonight or tomorrow morning, then maybe Geordi. I'm planning on leaving Data 'til last, because I think he'll be the toughest to work out.
erikfilean said Jul 22, 2017 13:13:23
I agree on Data. The core rules aren't really set up for him, but his situation is also supposed to be pretty unique.
LucasCunningham said Jul 22, 2017 15:18:05
In my Opinion, to reflect Picard as the Captain of THE Federation Flaggship and contrary to Worf or Riker or any other, should have better statts than the regular starting charakter, Mayby to allow to count 2 or 3 more carreer Events.

I think Worf shold have medicine 2 and science 1. At least he can deliver a baby...
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sterling2063 said Jul 22, 2017 15:42:05
The thing with Data is we handle his extraordinary abilities with a trait. His stats are no different from a normal character, but because he is an android, he can automatically attempt tasks that would be impossible for other characters. I think this was the major intention behind the trait system, especially when it comes to more extraordinary characters like Data.
david.jw.gibson said Jul 22, 2017 16:47:24
I agree with @Stephen McMillan that traits are how a species' extraordinary capabilities are handled.

The stats don't directly relate 1:1 with physical abilities, otherwise Klingons (to say nothing of Vulcans) would also have modified Attribute caps.

For someone like Data, they just gets the chance to make checks other people would not even be able to attempt. Or for them it's Difficulty 2 while for them it becomes Difficulty 0. But for an Insight Task to determine someone's emotions or a Presence Task to make a convincing argument, an Android might find the Difficulty increased.

At least that was the approach I took when I did my homebrew android.
PatricHenson said Jul 22, 2017 16:59:04
If Captain Picard has less than 11 Reason, probably 12 actually, I'd say that's not him. He has far more than 2 events, which means you can pick more and get a focus from 2 of them, attributes from 2 of them, and disciplines from 2 more. Having made several cannon characters, I've found this method is helpful to produce certain characters much more accurately.
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"Lease and pong life. Prosp long and liver."
—Varek of Sulkin'
david.jw.gibson said Jul 22, 2017 17:01:40
Picard's Values:
He never struck me as an explorer like Kirk was. But he enjoyed solving mysteries, as seen by the Clues episode and his fondness for the detective Dixon Hill.
So instead of "See What's Over the Horizon" he should have "I Love a Good Mystery".

Picard's Focuses:
Hand-to-Hand seems a little odd. Picard *could* fight, but it was not a speciality. However, Fencing was something he was good at, and would be a solid Focus.
"Persuasion" seems a little generic. How about "Oration"?
"Endurance" also seems like filler... But Picard definitely needs "Archaeology", which would be a solid replacement.
erikfilean said Jul 22, 2017 18:51:00
If Captain Picard has less than 11 Reason, probably 12 actually, I'd say that's not him. He has far more than 2 events, which means you can pick more and get a focus from 2 of them, attributes from 2 of them, and disciplines from 2 more. Having made several cannon characters, I've found this method is helpful to produce certain characters much more accurately.

I think that for Picard as of 2364 (Alderon's version), the two events he chose work fine. By the 2371 game default date, I might add more career events - Picard's temporary assimilation as Locutus, his experience with the Ressikan probe, and his capture and torture in "Chain of Command" would be likely choices. I would also add at least one Trait ("I was Locutus of Borg").

I did a 2371 Picard, although I didn't go beyond the basic character creation rules - my goal was to see how well I could represent a very experienced canonical character with the rules as written. I thought it was doable, but adding at least one or two career events would make a difference. Alderon and I made many very similar choices, but my version emphasizes Insight and Reason more and physical ability less (I see Picard very much as an intellectual figure).
erikfilean said Jul 22, 2017 19:01:59
I'm a little proud of this one. Hail to the Chief!

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