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a concept for a Spacehulk-like game using the miniatures

posted Jul 22, 2017 14:47:30 by DCP
been floating around in my head for a while now but fallout has the stuff to put together a quite good Spacehulk like game.

Imagine playing as five Enclave or Brotherhood(interplay era) members sent to explore an old Pre war facility trekking though tight claustrophobic corridors and rooms in bulking suits of power armour wielding mighty advanced energy and heavy weapons like the 4.7mm Vindicator minigun or Winchester P94 plasma rifle searching Level by Level killing Ghouls and other beasts only to find at the very bottom a Deathclaw nest(interplay era) and now it's a race to escape as deathclaws start coming out of the walls and rubble sure your strong got good weapons and training but your in a corridor and you can't exactly turn easily in power armour and there isn't much room to group up to take down a deathclaw and if it gets in close you are likely a goner.

so what do you think
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
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AMArmits777 said Aug 27, 2017 01:24:23
Love it!!!!
DCP said Aug 27, 2017 13:45:07
glade you do mate
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
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