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Extended Chacrater and Starship sheets

posted Jul 20, 2017 15:58:35 by TabletopReview
I have expanded the official TNG Character sheet into 2 pages, and am working on the other era sheets.
All background info has been moved to the second sheet and some more relevant info added to the top of the first sheet.
Feel free to share, and any advice/requests/criticism is welcome.
Note, these are also fillable PDFs.

ENT Fillable 2 Page Character sheet 1.1
Initial draft
Added printer friendly version
ENT Character Sheet 1.1
ENT PF Character Sheet 1.1

TNG Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.2 UPDATE
Expanded Description for Talents
Space for Milestones and Reputation
TNG 2 page Character Sheet 1.2

TNG Black Background Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.2
Initial Release
UPDATE minor fixes
TNG Black 2 page Character Sheet 1.3

TNG Support Characters Sheet 1.2
Initial release - 2 new support characters per page - with creation references - not form fillable.
UPDATED second character moved down so you can fold the page in half cleanly.
UPDATE minor fixes
TNG 2 Support Characters Sheet

TOS Movie Fillable 2 Page Character Sheet 1.1 Update
Fixed font colour
Added Printer Friendly version
TOS Movie Era Fillable 2 page Character Sheet 1.1
TOS Movie Era Printer Friendly Fillable 2 page Character Sheet 1.0

Trait Tracking Sheet
UPDATE switched Personal to Equipment
UPDATE - Sheet Split into Player and GM/Group sheets.
Player Trait Sheet 1.3
GM Trait Sheet 1.3

Expanded Ship Sheet
Expanded TOS Sheet



Hi Modiphius Guys,

Can we please get extended or double sided sheets? There are multiple elements of both Characters and Starships that do not have a place on the current sheets.

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TabletopReview said Aug 13, 2017 12:57:24
Working on the Movie era sheet at the moment, and also starting work on a character builder.
TabletopReview said Nov 05, 2017 12:51:59
Movie era sheet is done!

Editing first post to include link.
jonrcrew said Nov 06, 2017 11:00:32
That's very pretty, but it's almost unusable! It prints out as black text on a black background... And the light on black option is never very good for printing...

Any chance of a two-colour, black on white option? :)
TabletopReview said Nov 06, 2017 13:51:28
Yes the text colour issue has been brought to my attention and it will fill with white text shorty.
A Printer Friendly version will also be coming shortly.
jonrcrew said Nov 06, 2017 14:38:16
Awesome :)
TonyPi said Nov 07, 2017 01:35:57
I think Environment is misspelled on several files. But great job!
Contributor to Continuing Mission at F&SF author.
TabletopReview said Nov 07, 2017 12:22:56
Movie sheet updated and printer friendly version added.
TabletopReview said Nov 15, 2017 15:41:04
TNG Support character sheet added (link in first post). There is space for 2 support characters on a page, with reference to the "arrays" that you use to create them.
This is really intended to be printed out and used on-demand in a session to create new support characters, so it's not form filllable yet.
TabletopReview said Nov 16, 2017 09:58:46
Updated the support character sheet so you can fold it in half
TabletopReview said Nov 16, 2017 10:58:01
Added TNG sheet with Black background to match the book and reference sheets.
TabletopReview said Nov 17, 2017 15:17:15
Added a sheet for tracking Traits during game play.
StephenBirks said Feb 07, 2018 09:44:33

A user on the Resource Wiki has pointed out that the some of the Disciplines on your 2 page TNG sheets have linked fields so when you fill one cell it populates another as well. This affects both white and black backgrounds.
MasterZelgadis said Feb 09, 2018 07:30:30
Yep, same happened to me
DonKramer said Feb 09, 2018 13:47:29
I was the user who found that linking issue. I was able to use an online editor to correct it thanks to a hint from the IT guys at work on an unrelated pdf issue. I only did the white background character sheets.
SimonBrodie said Feb 09, 2018 19:07:57
@DonKramer can you explain in more detail what you did please, so I can also do it? :)

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