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London Playtest Events

posted Jul 09, 2017 17:42:00 by ChrisBirch
We are going to be running some bigger playtests in the office in London through July (under NDA) so if you could make a daytime (monday to friday) or a saturday or sunday please post below and we'll advise more info soon
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DCP said Jul 10, 2017 00:16:41
would love to but i'm in Australia :/
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
AdahmKeene said Jul 10, 2017 22:39:08
This sounds interesting - is there anything else that we would need?

I am more than willing to do some playtesting.
James Buckley said Jul 21, 2017 15:29:50
Any chance these will run through to August?
I can do then. Also do you know of any groups playing ST in London?
I'm looking for a group.
James -
JeanLewsley said Jul 27, 2017 15:27:01
I can do some testing :)
Bishop said Jul 27, 2017 15:37:39
I might be able to make it down, could be a good way to meet up with some friends I used to war game with at Uni :)
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