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posted Jul 09, 2017 17:41:26 by ChrisBirch
Hey wastelanders, we had a great meeting at Bethesda and starting later this week we'll be writing the first of the design newsletters that start to reveal more about the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare system. Make sure you're signed up to the mailing list as we'll send to that first, then we'll be repeating the content in a new series of blog posts on this site. We're going to start with how things activate and move in the game.
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ChrisBirch said Jul 14, 2017 18:21:31
The blog is now live:
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Jordan.Peacock said Jul 14, 2017 18:37:09
EDIT: I took too long typing, and by the time I finished, I see I've been pre-empted by a live post of the same thing ... WITH PICTURES. YAY!


I just got the first Dev Blog mailing. I've got retro web mail, so it's all text to me -- no formatting or images. I'll be very curious to see the posted version when it finally goes up, to see if there are any illustrations to go along with the notes.

About the color-coded measurement bars: Will there be any particular rhyme or reason to the lengths represented with each of these colored bars? E.g., yellow bar = 3 inches, or green bar = 8 cm, or whatever the standard might be? I hope I understood the references to mean that "increments" on the bar will split up each measuring bar with some sort of measuring unit, as that would seem to me to be the most convenient way to split up movement around corners and other obstacles.

(For example, I have 8 units of movement on this bar, and when I hold the bar up to the building corner, that's about 3.5 units ... so if I turn the bar around the corner and measure the remaining 4.5 units, I should be there ... as opposed to having to pinch the bar with a fingernail and hope that's reliable enough to estimate the remaining distance once I re-position the bar to get around the corner.)

Well, that, and if I've already got a good collection of decent tape measures at my table (I've got at least 8 at my battle table, and several laser pointers), honestly it might just be easier to translate things like "two yellow" into a certain number of centimeters or inches and measure it straight out rather than juggling color-coded bars (particularly if all the players have to share them).

I'm actually heartened by the news that the bars will be used for things such as blast damage and command radius. I've got way too many "blast templates" from various miniatures games, and unless they're translucent, it's often a challenge to make sure the template is properly centered upon the point of impact, to everyone's satisfaction. I take it that there won't be all that many miniatures in play at once, and I imagine that with some weapons we might have especially large areas of effect (exploding cars, Fat Man, etc.) so perhaps it really is better to just use a bar to determine blast range.

Besides, with so many miniatures games, it's been positively laughable what sort of blast radius is used for grenades. (Like, a 2" or 3" circle in some games -- so you'll be awfully lucky if more than one model is ever affected at a time.) In that particular case, a straight measuring rod might actually be faster to work with than a tape measure (particularly since there's no benefit to "going around corners" in that case).

I'm not sure how a cone-blast type attack would be handled with measuring rods only ... but then, I'm not exactly sure how prevalent such weapons would be in the setting. (E.g., flamethrower, plasma caster.)

Anyway, I'm intrigued, happy for the update, and looking forward to more. :)

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ChrisBirch said Jul 15, 2017 18:33:03
Hi yes a colour is a certain distance in inches, and they will be marked with inch increments to make moving around obstacles easy

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