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Facebook Cut-and-Paste

posted Jul 09, 2017 22:49:16 by Jordan.Peacock
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted 4/21/2017):

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare - command a crew of detailed 32mm scale minis through PvP, co-op & solo tabletop missions — with Tom Schelfaut.

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Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 22:52:59
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted 4/26/2017):

Lots more info on Fallout: Wasteland Warfare the tabletop miniatures game revealed!

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 22:54:24
From Beasts of War on Facebook (originally posted 5/17/2017):
Learn about what MODIPHIUS is bringing to UK Games Expo in June, including Star Trek: Adventures and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Are you going to be meeting up with them at the event?

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 22:55:30
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted 5/19/2017):
It's Fallout Friday so here's another Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniature to keep you going! The bad-ass Institute Courser X6-88! Sign up now

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 22:56:23
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted 5/22/2017):
Take the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Survey and you could win a starter set! - have your say on the future of the miniatures game and check out our new sculpt for the Protectron! PLEASE SHARE!

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 22:57:19
From Beasts of War on Facebook (originally posted 5/23/2017):
MODIPHIUS shows off some more renders for the world of Fallout as it comes to the tabletop in Wasteland Warfare.

Do you think this game is going to bring you to the tabletop?

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 23:00:53
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted 5/11/2017):
Big piece on the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare miniatures game over on Geek & Sundry - Sign up for news at

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 23:03:34
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted 7/7/2017):

It's Fallout Friday! Are you ready for the Sentry Bot in Fallout: Wasteland Warefare? This robot is tooled up as a Wasteland Encounter or to give your crew the firepower its deserves... Don't forget to sign up for our Fallout newsletter - our first newsletter about the rules is coming soon!

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 23:06:20
From Modiphius on Facebook (originally posted on 6/20/2017):

The Critical Twits caught up with us at the #UKGamesExpo for an interview on all things Fallout Wasteland Warefare and Star Trek Adventures!

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 14, 2017 20:49:24
From Modiphius (originally posted 7/14/2017):
Bookmark our #Fallout: Wasteland Warfare blog for regular updates starting with Nora, the next sole survivor mini and more info on movement & ranges in the miniatures game

DCP said Jul 15, 2017 00:40:37
it truly is shocking how little get officially posted here
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
SteveHanson said Jul 15, 2017 03:20:10
A lot of the info on Facebook is also in the newsletter.
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KimmoP said Jul 15, 2017 09:58:54
So beautiful again. I just can't stop to think how I'll paint them. Female character's details are amazing. I like this realistic style so much more than "caricatures" from some other games. Also I'm thinking if the protectron would look even more better with transparent head piece and machines inside.
Jordan.Peacock said Jul 18, 2017 13:11:30
From Modiphius (originally posted 7/18/2017):

Ben Shaw at Beasts of War wrote about Fallout Wasteland Warfare - go look to see what we've been up to!

Survivors & Sentry Bots Revealed For Modiphius' Fallout
Modiphius has shown off some new render previews of what awaits you in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

"Nora might have to contend with some rather hefty threats out there in the wilderness including the Sentry Bots..."


(Article shows an image of the Nora CG preview, and the Sentry Bot CG preview.)
Jordan.Peacock said Jul 27, 2017 18:41:14
From Modiphius (originally posted 7/26/2017):

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Dev Blog #2 is up with a reveal of Piper's sculpt and we’re talking about how the Fallout SPECIAL stats are integrated into the miniatures game

KimmoP said Jul 28, 2017 09:47:47
Beautiful again but this time I'm not completely happy. Piper is my favourite npc and I waited her model a lot and it looks good. But Piper is a reporter and not ninjawarrior. Her typical poses are like hanging around or lighting a cigarette etc. Of course she fights but I hoped a pose representing more her character.

Also I have my own "2 seconds rule". The pose must be possible to keep at least 2 seconds or it looks restless. Others likes running and jumping characters and that's ok but not me. Now Piper looks like she's falling down in any second and sadly this is not my favourite model.
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