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Clarification on threats

posted Jul 07, 2017 16:04:45 by WhateverICanGet
On page 158, it says that I have to set the threat level myself, but doesn't specify what a "Fringe Zone Sector" or a "Central Zone Sector" is. It also says that every biohazard rolled (1) increases the threat, but again, never specifies how. It doesn't specify how dangerous the threats are on their own.
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Fenhorn said Jul 07, 2017 16:31:49
What Fringe or Central is, is up to you and you map.

When it comes to the actual threat rolled. This is how I do:

I prepare the sectors in advance. This way, I can plan a little bit and even come up with a story why certain monsters/artefacts are where they are. Since I know where the players when the sessions starts and I usually have at least some idea where they plan to go, I prepare the sectors around them and towards their goal. It doesn't take that long to do.

When it comes to the threat roll I treat each Bio Hazard as a Threat. So if I roll two Bio Hazard, the sector contains two threats.

A threat is balanced encounter of humanoids or a monster/phenomena. Sometimes here I let the two threats be just two threats, randomly determined. In this case, the two threats might be enemies to each other besides to the players. If the first threat is some sort of humanoid and the sector looks like it can contain some sort of camp or base, I let the all threats be the same (a lot of humanoids). Also here I must say that just because the players face two threats, doesn't mean they face them immediately. I can have one threat encounter the players when they come into the sector (this would be the group that the stalker can know about) and another threat comes in later.

The bonus to prepare the sectors in advance is that I can come up cool stories about the multiple threats.

When it comes to grub, water, bullets, scrap and/or artefacts I usually give the players one "item" per dice in the threat roll. Artefacts are only handed out if one of the dice became a Nuke. The other things depends on the sector (and also, this is what the sector contains and has nothing to do with stunts used by the stalker or hunter). One item is:
* d6 rations of contaminated grub.
* d6 rations of fresh water.
* d6 bullets.
* 1 scrap item.
* 1 artefact (only if a nuke has been rolled).

Since I prepare my sectors in advance, I have more time to come up with a good description of the sector and can better place these items. Usually under fallen walls, "caved-in" cellars, on the fifth floor without any stairs up, etc.) The items should be placed so there is at least some form of skill check to get it (or combat).

Well. That is how I do this.
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WhateverICanGet said Jul 11, 2017 23:37:45
The problem is it can't be up to me because as far as I understand there are no "central" zone sectors. Everything outside of the ark is the zone.
Fenhorn said Jul 12, 2017 05:53:58
If we first assume that the city the zone map is based on is large so pretty much all the map is city, then the fringe is a 3-4 sectors wide ring on the edge of the map is the fringe and all the sectors within that ring is the central. On some maps it would fit to have the fringe to be 5 or even 6 sectors wide in some part of the map and on some maps only 2.
War, war never changes
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