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Star Trek Errata

posted Jun 30, 2017 16:17:40 by SteveHanson
Please post errors you may find here.
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To his friend a man
a friend shall prove,
To him and the friend of his friend;
But never a man
shall friendship make
With one of his foeman's friends.
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sterling2063 said Jun 30, 2017 17:24:18
The biggest one I've seen so far was on page 36 in the Transcript from Richard Daystrom. The passage reads, "...Today you
do me the signal honor of giving these halls of higher learning my name..." Should the word "signal" be single?
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OneShot said Jun 30, 2017 17:41:37
Page 7, in the example of play, second gold paragraph, first sentence: "Okay, he's struggling and doing as all Klingons would and trying not mask his pain." I assume the "not" is supposed to be a "to".

Edit: Page 32, top in the header on the right, I think "co" is also supposed to be "to."
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OneShot said Jun 30, 2017 17:48:10
Page 8, last paragraph, fifth line, Nick's character is referred to Lt. Rafael instead of Lt. Huerta.
JohnBrentMacek said Jun 30, 2017 18:34:50
The only thing that has jumped out at me so far.
Page 145, the opening quote on Kirk's intro is missing:
Risk... risk is our business! That's what this starship is all about... that's why we're aboard her!
sterling2063 said Jun 30, 2017 19:33:04
On page 134 in describing the support characters, " The Supporting Character gains a single Value.
This option may be chosen up to four times, gaining a new Focus each time." This should clearly read Value rather than Focus.
imperialone said Jun 30, 2017 19:35:25
@Stephen: perhaps "singular" is what was desired.

@John: CBS may have told the company not to use the sexist line.
OneShot said Jun 30, 2017 19:45:33

No, what John is quoting is the actual line. I think he's saying the first bit about "Space, the final frontier,....." through "to explore strange, new worlds" is missing.
sterling2063 said Jun 30, 2017 20:07:50
Page 154: "... nearly always invole stars that have begun to age out..." Should read involve.
PatricHenson said Jun 30, 2017 20:30:04
Page 54, Current Starfleet Rank Pins: Rear Admiral and full Admiral is missing (lots of extra fleet admirals in there).

Page 130, Example Character Sheet: Under Traits it says “symbiote” rather than symbiont

Page 175, Melee Combat Options; Grapple: “which will prevent them from taking any action other while trying to break free”

Page 177, Injury and Healing; second bullet: “performin”
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JohnBrentMacek said Jun 30, 2017 20:39:56
Re: Kirk's quote on page 145, that actual quotation mark is missing from the line. There is one at the end but not one at the beginning.
Risk... risk is our business! That's what this starship is all about... that's why we're aboard her!
LucasCunningham said Jun 30, 2017 21:51:33
Page 118: The Veteran Officer is also: "The character’s is inexperienced, but talented and with a bright
measured and considered way"
PatricHenson said Jul 01, 2017 00:32:56
Page 228, Making an Attack; #3: "For an energy weapon, the Difficulty is 2. For torpedoes, the difficulty is 2." Not only does it list the same difficulty number, but the "D" can't decide if it should be capitalized or not ;) It looks like Energy Weapons are listed correctly, but Torpedoes should be difficulty 3 (if not, page 254 needs to be fixed).

Page 250, Nova Class Starship Stats: Engineering button is blank

Page 251, Pathfinder and Reconnaissance Operations profile: This profile has fewer stats than all others. I believe the Science section should be "03" instead of "02"

Page 251, Scientific and Survey Operations profile: This profile has higher stats than all others.
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MarkLaCroix said Jul 01, 2017 03:20:25
On page 75, there is a bullet list with the header "This section will be describe the following rules:" It lists 8 items, with a brief description of each, "Scenes," "Values," etc.

Unfortunately, it lists "Threat" twice, as both the 5th and 8th bullet item. It also uses different copy to describe it:

"Threat, which is used by the Gamemaster to..."
"Threat, which allows the Gamemaster to..."


On page 81, there is some delicious flavor text: a letter from a Vorta to the leader of an independent world, which not-so-subtly encourages her to join the Dominion (or else).

At the end, it is signed "Gildar, Vorta Administrator of Sector."

Sector what? :-D

(Can't help but mention: I'd lose the mention of the Vorta and the Sector completely, and change that sign-off to "Gildar, your Dominion Administrator." Slightly more Weyoun-y, ha!)
MarkLaCroix said Jul 01, 2017 03:46:29
On page 85, the "Treaty of Armens" sidebar ends with:

Captain Katherine Unmeyer,
in her lecture series Captaincy,
Starfleet Academy.

I assume the lecture series is not called "Captaincy, Starfleet Academy," but the plain formatting, the use of both commas and line breaks to mean the same thing (maybe?), and lack of mention of the Academy in the text, makes the context a bit confusing.

I think the convention is to italicize the words in a title if you don't want to put them in quotes. Otherwise, maybe make it "from her Starfleet Academy lecture series, Captaincy."

As a general note, this sidebar is a single paragraph, which is a little dense. It should probably be broken up into multiple paragraphs (There is plenty of blank space in the column to do this this without altering the layout).
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PatricHenson said Jul 01, 2017 04:44:39
Page 339, Planet Killer stats, line below Shields: It says "Soak: 8" rather than "Resistance: 8"

Page 85, 86: Both pages talk about how NPCs don't save Momentum like players do, but add it to Threat. It's normal if certain information is conveyed in several different places occasionally, but the instances are so close together and nearly identical that it feels too repetitive.
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