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posted Jun 30, 2017 06:27:58 by DeeVayHeight
I saw the thread " Remenber Modiphius: Only you can stop this forum from dying" and thought "well, this is not completely true". I believe small things may help to keep the board alive, waiting for the official released from Modiphius.

One of this thing should be a painting club where we would share our actual Fallout miniatures models.
Inspired by what I saw on the Lead-Adventure forum I propose to number each single entry until we reach the entry number 100 (if we reach it).

I start:
Entry number 1: The Vault Dweller by DV8

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KimmoP said Jun 30, 2017 06:57:06
Very nice idea and miniature. Is that 25mm scale? Especially I like the eyes. They are my weak part. It's slightly hard to take a part of this thing for me before I get the official miniatures. I didn't even know that someone actually made fallout minis.
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DeeVayHeight said Jun 30, 2017 08:35:39
Nobody does afaik but it is easy enough to use others brand and convert it.
Originally this is for fantasy football. I removed the ball and gave her a WWII gun and a rifle. Good enough.
It's​ more 32mm than 28mm so the eyes are doable with a good brush and some patience.
Jordan.Peacock said Jun 30, 2017 15:18:14
Entry #2?

Post-Apocalyptic Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
This was a custom mini I painted up as one of several pre-generated characters for some Fallout-themed Savage Worlds RPG scenarios at Necronomicon in Tampa, Florida. ( The idea is that he's an old-school ghoul, inspired by the Vault-Tec rep from Fallout 4 (hence the yellow hat and jacket). He used to be a vacuum cleaner salesman, and with his poor radiation-addled brain, he still talks as if the Great War never happened. If given a chance, he'll go down the street, knocking at doors, with his sample case and heavily modified vacuum at the ready to make a sales pitch to whoever (or whatever) opens the door. He refers to his brahmin pack animal as his "Corvega" ("Actually, I have some spare ElectroSux filters on hand. Let me check the trunk of my Corvega....") and his real business is in trading odds and ends he picks up and fixes along the way (as he's a "fully licensed ElectroSux repairman" in addition to being a salesman). The "ElectroSux" cleaner has been heavily modified, and is effectively just a junk gun -- though in my version, things can get interesting depending upon WHAT junk, exactly, he launches from it. (Land mines can be particularly interesting, but have obvious risks involved if one rolls a Critical Failure when launching them this way.)

I had a number of players take on this role, and most of them had a real hey-day with it.

As for the model, I started with Reaper Miniatures #50051 -- "Chronoscope: Max Decker." he's armed with a spare plastic "bit" I got as part of a "bitz" grab bag -- I THINK it's from a Games Workshop Warhammer Fantasy Dwarves set. I just filed down the nose and painted skin tone to look extra-sand-blasted. The tractor and brahmin are both from Safari Ltd "Toob" toys (the "Down on the Farm" set) -- which generally have no unified sense of scale whatsoever, but occasionally I get a "50% off one item" coupon at JoAnn Fabric, so I'll pick one up if I think there are enough of the pieces I can incorporate into terrain or whatnot. I duplicated the cow's original head with some Instant Mold and some epoxy putty, then dug through my bits supply for a Hirst Arts chest, and two barrels and some rolled tarp bits from Warhammer 40K. For bases, I used an extra HeroClix base for the cow, and a round MDF circle for the salesman, with some epoxy putty to make the "cracked earth" effect.

Labels on the barrels are just small printed paper elements arranged in Photoshop. I looked at some pictures of Civil Defense water barrels used in bunkers back in the day (hurrah for internet image searches!) and lined up some text patterned after what I saw in the pictures (and where the text would have gotten flyspeck sized, I just cheated with some horizontal lines that I randomly broke up with the brush tool to give a hint of really small text, though I suppose I could've just filled it with "lorem ipsum" and then shrunk it down super-small).
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Jordan.Peacock said Jun 30, 2017 15:34:04

Kings Ganger

Entry #3.

Another pre-gen hero for convention scenarios. This character went for the "Jailhouse Rocker" look, armed with a pistol, though his guitar was also heavily reinforced and could be used as a bludgeon if need be (but a weapon of last resort, since the chance for weapon degradation is pretty high). In the pre-gen group, this fellow was a mix of "streetwise" and rogue-type abilities, along with charisma-based abilities, able to serve as "the face" for the party.

To supplement his role as a sort of "skill-man" of the group (whereas most of the others had pretty strongly-defined combat niches), for his starting equipment he also had a selection of skill magazines. (I know that's a very video-gamish sort of thing to carry over from the Fallout series, but my in-universe justification is that the articles can "inspire" a reader to remember something at a critical moment. The magazine doesn't poof into thin air once read, but the benefit gained is a bit of an abstract thing. As a nod to this, I put a small printed Meeting People magazine on his base that he's apparently just discovered and is about to pick up to add to his collection. :)

The miniature started as a Reaper Miniatures #80033 "Frank Buck" mini from the Chronoscope Bones (plastic) line. I swapped out the head from Reaper Miniatures #80005 "Andre Durand", and I included a guitar from #50198 "Gallup, Zombie Survivor." I used some green stuff to replace his right hand so that it looks like he's holding the neck of the guitar, and to provide a guitar strap.

Scenery consists of a broken "Toy Story 3" play set that I found in a thrift store, spray-painted, and "grunged up" (and added a few printed micro-posters to), plus a Reaper Miniatures #80035 "Dumpster" model. In the far distance can be seen a blurry glimpse of my Halo Micro Ops buildings, which made for decent retro-futuristic ruins, being oddly-angled, yet pretty much just broken concrete.

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Jordan.Peacock said Jul 02, 2017 18:40:11
Entry #4

Reaper Miniatures #80005 "Andre Durand" with a head-swap. (This is where I got the spare head for my "Kings Ganger" conversion.) I swapped out the head, replacing it with a spare helmet from the Wargames Factory "Greatcoat Trooper" set, touched up with some putty, printed paper details, and acrylic paint. I used a mix of white and light brown to "dirty up" the pants and the fringe of the coat in the hopes of suggesting that this is someone who's been sneaking around and crouching down a lot in the wasteland. The displayed weaponry was included on the mini; I figure the left hand has what passes for a power fist, while the right hand is holding some sort of customized SMG that's been fitted with a drum, while there's a sawn-off shotgun holstered at the belt.

There's that same dumpster again: my method for painting it was to paint the whole thing a rusty pumpkin orange color, with a bit of brush-spackling of a "golden" (slightly brownish yellow) here and there. I brush-flicked some dark grey wash on it, then (after that dried), I "spackle-brushed" it with a thick dull green paint smashed onto the surface with a frayed brush repeatedly until it gave some decent coverage but with lots of gaps where the "rust orange" peeked through. I printed off the poster (from another Fallout image capture), glued it on, and used a dull hobby knife to distress the paper and tear up some gaps here and there. Finally, I swizzled up some dingy grey "wash" and drizzled it over the model in several applications, applying water to try to get it to run down the sides. After that, I did some more brush-flicking of grey wash on the sides of the dumpster. The overall effect might not be realistic, but I think it still communicates the idea of some old rusty thing exposed to the elements for a good long while.

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 04, 2017 17:35:43
Hmm. I might run out of these before someone else posts another Fallout home-brew, at this rate. ;)

Entry #5

Reaper "Bones" #77047 -- originally Goldar the Barbarian, but now Goldar the RAIDER.

(Sorry about the dimensions on this. I'm not sure why it's blowing up so large and cutting off the right side.)

This was one of the early Bones models from the first Kickstarter, where some of the models suffered from "no-nose syndrome" and lots of cases of the "bendies." The figure had a flimsy axe that defied my attempts at straightening it out with boiling water, so I just hacked it off, drilled a hole in the hand, inserted some wire, and affixed a spare axe from a box of Warhammer 40K Space Ork "bitz" I'd picked up at a miniatures swap meet.

My painting is mediocre at best, as usual, but I figure the point of this is a sharing of IDEAS -- and here it's all about printing paper signs at 600 dpi, then gluing them all over figures and bases.

I accumulated a page full of stop signs, warning signs, Nuka Cola ads, and whatnot, in Photoshop, then printed it off and used it as paper detailing on a basically-painted figure. It's pretty close to what I do for posters and signage for my terrain, only here I went for smaller items (license plates, etc.) that I'd normally overlook for scenery.

So, I glue on a bit of caution stripe here on the shoulder, then another piece of a "Danger EXPLOSIVES" sign above that, glue a sign piece over the original model's giant loincloth, put part of a Nuka Cola sign on the right arm bracer, another part of a Nuka Cola sign on the left, a license plate here, a road sign there, and VOILA! Junk armor! Then, once I've got every flat and semi-flat surface plastered with some fragment of signage, I go in and do some touch-up work with dark grey and rust orange on any exposed paper edges.

To top off the base, I took a piece of bent pewter sprue, painted it up all rusty-like, and glued on a stop sign (printed on cardstock rather than just regular weight paper). I've repeated that same element for maybe 3-4 other minis -- not very original, but I figure it helps pin down that "urban apocalypse" look. I've also repeated the "license plate / road sign armor" routine for several other "raider" type figures. Why it's a "raider" thing, per se, when EVERYBODY in this setting is a scavenger to some degree, I don't know exactly, but that seems to be the trend.

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Jordan.Peacock said Jul 05, 2017 12:19:42
More junk-armor.

Entry #6

A couple of Hooligan Girls from Brother Vinni's "Nuclear Sandlot" miniatures line (AKA "SURE it's not Fallout with the serial numbers filed off"), painted up as Raiders.

I did a bit of parts-swapping in my attempt to increase the combat versatility of the characters (heavily inspired by the gun-and-pistol combos common in Warzone).

Hool01 on the left (AKA "Hooligan Girl #1") originally just came with the baseball bat in the right hand, and a bare fist for the left hand. I did a wrist-swap for a spare hand-holding-not-a-Sequoia gun from Brother Vinni's totally-not-an-NCR-Ranger model, so we'd get a melee-and-short-range combo. The "caution stripe tape" on the bat, license plate armor pieces, and fallen STOP sign are all printed paper, and I used another piece of pewter sprue for the sign post. I tried painting a "Red Rocket" logo on the chest, but my freehand isn't that good.

Hool02 on the right (AKA "Hooligan Girl #2") didn't require any kit-bashing, per se, since the model comes armed with an SMG in the right hand, and spiked knuckles for the left. I wasn't certain that an SMG of this style (clip in the handle) would fit in, but apparently the UZI was a weapon in Fallout Tactics (historically a weapon debuting in the 1950s, so within the Fallout aesthetic). (Oh yeah. Just this weekend, I discovered that I have Fallout Tactics on my Steam account. Huh. When did that happen? I guess I'll have to finally try it out. :) ) Again, license plate and sign ("DEAD END") elements are paper, and the sign post is sprue. I wanted to make this more identifiable as a wastelander, so I used some epoxy putty and made a gas mask to hang around the neck.

At the time, I was hitting the bottom of the barrel on my supply of 25mm round bases (a few plastic Games Workshop bases, a few round MDF bases, a few washers) so I ended up with one on a plastic base and one on a washer. The "cracked earth" texture is epoxy putty.

In the background on the left is an "O-scale" (really only S-scale) Bachmann Plasticville Service Station converted into a Poseidon Energy Fuel & Fusion Station. In the background on the right is a Fisher Price toy truck I got for a buck at the thrift store to convert into a ridiculously over-sized COE truck wreck with the help of a few bits.

Jordan.Peacock said Jul 06, 2017 13:13:10
Entry #7

Fallout 3/NV Protectrons:
The one on the left is painted up in standard Protectron style as per Fallout 3, whereas the one on the right is done up in Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant regalia. These are resin "Nuclear Sandlot" minis from Brother Vinni (Russia) that I painted up for last year's Fallout-themed games at Necronomicon in Tampa. The Nuka-Cola bot has a printed piece of paper to provide the Nuka-Cola logo on its front, since there's no way I was going to be able to freehand that and make it recognizable.

The robots are posed on a foam-and-Hydrocal "crater board" I fixed up a long time ago and used as a terrain tile for my games. The ruined brick building pieces are from Armorcast.
KimmoP said Jul 07, 2017 07:03:39
I like your painting. Rust looks really good and printed details are cool. Very inspirin. Perhaps I'll try something similar myself. What paint's you use and can you remember name of the rust?
Jordan.Peacock said Jul 07, 2017 15:24:59
@KimmoP: My "rust" is primarily Apple Barrel Paints Pumpkin Orange, followed up by some lighter spackling with whatever "golden" color I have on hand (e.g., yellow + slight amount of brown).

For detail work, bright colors, and so forth, I have an assortment of Privateer Press P3 and Citadel paints on hand, but for a lot of my terrain work (and "grunge/weather" effects) I find that thicker craft paints work better. More professional paints tend to be a bit more translucent and slightly more watery (all the better for blending), but SOME craft paints (there's a whole lot of variance within each line) are much more opaque and thick and therefore better suited for spackling and dry-brushing -- such as what I did with the dumpsters and the Fisher Price COE truck.

Meanwhile, Entry #8:

This is another Brother Vinni "Nuclear Sandlot" figure, which I painted up as a proxy "Lone Wanderer," with a bit of Apoxie Sculpt epoxy putty used to fashion the asymmetrical shoulder guard and a bandolier strap. The sign is yet another one of my typical "printed paper + bent sprue" base decorations.

The "scenery" piece in the background is a McFarlane Toys "Halo Micro Ops" play set -- "High Ground Gate." The set comes with a micro Warthog that's somewhere in the ballpark of "true 25mm" (1:72 scale) or smaller, and accordingly the terrain is really a bit small for 28-32mm scale, but since it's fantasy/sci-fi stuff, the scale's a little slushy. I often use the High Ground Tower (I managed to get two of those) and High Ground Gate as some quickie "ruined retro-futuristic city" terrain, and since it's a plastic toy rather than a delicate model, it's pretty good for hastily packing for out-of-the-house games. It's not exactly the most ideal of miniatures battle scenery, since there are a number of spots on each where you can't readily place a mini (stairs, ramps), but all I had to do to make them table-ready was basically to use some "concrete-grey" epoxy putty to gap-fill some of the screw holes. The doors of the gate can slide open and closed, but don't afford much clearance.
Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 01:16:41
Entry #9:

Brother Vinni "Nuclear Sandlot" resin mini ("Sniper") painted up as an NCR Ranger in Ranger Patrol Armor.

The left arm was a separate piece, attaching right above the elbow, such that when I assembled it, I could either have the hand resting against the hip, or slightly raised (opening the possibility of kit-bashing in a second weapon). I decided to try my hand at making a Nuka Cola bottle held in the off hand, made out of a plastic glue applicator needle, painted a red-brown color on the inside, and drilled a pin-hole through the closed fist so I could insert the thin part of the applicator through rather than having to pin anything.

I tried painting the sunglasses in "NMM" style, so they're done as a grey-blue gradient in hopes of getting a "mirror shades" look.

In the background are a couple of my converted Plasticville O/S-scale buildings.

Side view with better look at the bottle:

Back view with optional "Water Backpack" (separate piece):

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Jordan.Peacock said Jul 09, 2017 14:42:45
Entry #10:

Here's my attempt at kit-bashing some Enclave Remnants from some Brother Vinni "Nuclear Sandlot" minis and assorted bits.

On the viewer's left is "PostApoc Power Armour." I've seen this design associated with "Vault-Tec Power Armor" in mods for Fallout New Vegas and for Fallout 4, but I haven't been able to figure out the source for inspiration for this design.

Middle figure is "Ant Soldier," assembled straight-up with no mods.

Right figure is heavily kludged with parts from my bits box (mostly Games Workshop: WFB and W40K) as I had an oddball idea to use a spare banner for a "super-patriotic" Enclave character.
Jordan.Peacock said Jul 10, 2017 12:43:56
Entry #11:

These were "Nuclear Sandlot Adventurers" from Brother Vinni (but appear to have since been discontinued). I figured I'd use these as random NPC types. I mean, hey, with the big overcoat and gas mask, it could be just about anybody wearing that, right? Since the middle one appeared to be wearing a jumpsuit, I painted it in blue-and-yellow vault suit colors "just because." It's hard to tell from the angle of the photo, but the vault-suit-wearer has an "assault rifle" type weapon hanging on a sling over the right shoulder, so all three figures are similarly armed. As resin figures, these came with separate arms holding the weapons, but there weren't really any swap options per se. (Though I suppose with a bit of filing, pinning, putty, and determination, it should be possible.)

The backdrop consists of that Halo Micro Ops "High Ground Gate" again (this time open), and, in the distance, a Super-Duper Mart facade I cobbled together from three Plasticville O/S-scale "Supermarket" buildings. (I had acquired a grab bag full of spare Plasticville building parts, and I suspect that the previous owner must have used extras of the side walls and such to extend the size of his buildings -- a not-uncommon "kitbash" judging from pictures I've seen of custom projects -- because I ended up having far more front facades than I did of the sides. For RPG purposes, I was just fine with that, as I set up the Super-Duper Mart facade on the "GM side" of the table for a game scenario focused on a fight with radscorpions and super mutants set in the parking lot.

I toyed with the idea of painting up the far right survivor as Engie / Dr. Gromov from "Romantically Apocalyptic" (wiki link: ), but I thought adding the fur trim to the hood might be a little too over-the-top for the wasteland. Besides, it just wouldn't be right without Captain, Snippy, and Pilot -- and I didn't see any figures with helmets that would work quite right for them. (One of these days, though, I SO have to find a mini to use for Captain with the Mug.)
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Jordan.Peacock said Jul 11, 2017 15:03:56
Entry #12

Mr. Gutsy! (Brother Vinni Nuclear Sandlot "Fly Bot" with additional eye stalks.) Scenery includes my crater board (for the ground), Armorcast resin brick ruin terrain pieces, and that Reaper Bones Dumpster again (this time close enough that you can actually see the dot-tones of the printing).

There's no way I could freehand the military star on the side of the Mr. Gutsy (I tried!) so I just printed off a star-and-circle and glued it on the side. In real life, at normal player-seating distance (i.e., NOT zooming in like this) it's not quite so obvious.

(I'm still looking forward to the new Fallout Warfare Handy/Gutsy, though. The Fly Bot really puts the strain on how thin this resin can be and still hold together. There's some major delicate trimming to be done, pinning is essential -- and with frustratingly thin pieces to work with, assembly is an all-around pain, and the pieces are scary-delicate. The CGI preview of the new Mr. Handy, however, has a major advantage in that the eyes are actually looking forward, and it overall looks more solid and sturdy.)
Jordan.Peacock said Jul 12, 2017 20:30:11
Entry #13:

This is the same "Fly Bot" model from Brother Vinni, but it had a "bubble" flaw in one of the arms that made a break in the resin, so my "fix" was to fold it in closer, gap-fill with putty, and basically rest the extension against the main body. I replaced the basic "peg" hand/weapon extensions with some custom work.

For a claw holding a box of Abraxo, I used two pieces of wire (from a paperclip), and printed a "micro Abraxo box" out of regular copy paper (that tiny, it's just too small to mess with cardstock).

For the flamer, I used a translucent "flame" effect from a HorrorClix model from the "Freakshow" set, called "Scorch" or "Firebreather" -- those guys went for as little as 15 cents each on some online sites that broke up the Clix boxes and sold individual minis as rares and commons, so I bought several just for the plastic flame effect. (So if I ever need an army of bare-chested, burnt-skinned guys holding torches up to their mouths, and jugs in their off-hands, I am SO SET. But otherwise the leftover figures are mostly fodder for zombie conversions and such.)

For the sawblade, I took a really tiny gear from a bag o' clock parts I picked up in a craft store, and only applied it AFTER I painted everything else, since its semi-dull, slightly corroded metal surface was pretty much what I wanted it to look like anyway.

The background is a Bachmann Plasticville O/S scale "Diner," with some paper elements from Fallout screen captures and Google image searches, and some clear blister plastic cut into "shards" and glued into the window frames for broken glass.

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