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Supplements and Expansions - Connecting Your Gameworld

posted Jun 13, 2017 06:00:00 by NigelBurke
Mutant: Year Zero might be my favorite system, both in that I like it more than almost any other RPG, but also because I adore post-apocalypse and its themes, and the way M:YZ does them is excellent. I have all the currently released Compendiums and Sectors, I'm looking forward to the new Expansion, and I want to use all that content in some way. The only way I can think of is to integrate it all into one big campaign setting, however - partially because I love the way the adding of these layers and expansions captures the concepts of an expanding world and the challenges of a recreated society, but also because I have very limited access to people who want to play Mutant, and we use the narrative-heavy format of play-by-post.

Here's the question, though... how would you (or, how have you) tied everything together? Do you set your campaign in the Dead Blue Sea, or do you visit it? How do you integrate mutant animals at the end of Genlab? What do you do after the mysteries surrounding Eden have been resolved? I have thoughts, but I want to hear yours.

I'll put my thoughts right here, for critique or advice or whatever:

I'm starting with an Ark in Year Zero, and I plan on using either the Dead Apple, the Big Smoke, or a coastal Zone of my own creation. I like how Year Zero is the most vague in terms of setting and actively obscures the truth of things. I'll probably put in the Sectors from Compendium 1 and the two Zone Sector PDFs right off the bat. Assuming things go well with the Ark and the metaplot gets resolved, anyone who makes it through that experience will be able to wrap up the immediate plot in the Ark; either way, once either the metaplot has resolved or the original Ark falls to obscurity, we'll cut to Genlab Alpha. Hopefully that goes well, because I look forward to seeing how the animals integrate into (what I hope) is the growing society of the Zone. We can work on new plots and integrate the Sectors from Die, Meat-Eaters, Die! as the animals settle down.

My big outstanding question is how to integrate Dead Blue Sea. I really love it, and want to use it, but I don't want to start there or set an Ark there. I had considered using the Derelict Oil Rig Threat as a plot hook to get them out there - perhaps there is an Ark out in the Dead Blue Sea, or some other reason to go out beyond the "Zone" as the People know it. That would be easy from the Dead Apple (it's very coastal), but I don't like that Zone; it would also be easy from some custom Zone, but then I'd have to make it. The Big Smoke is my favorite overall, but is so far from the coast that... I guess an oil rig could somehow wash all the way down the Thames, but... really? I also don't know when to do all that. A whole new Zone to explore is a big undertaking, and it would take them far, far away from the world they'd have worked to understand and develop.

Thoughts? Concerns? Stories from your own grand campaigns?
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avatar said Jun 13, 2017 06:20:42
I'm running the first mutant campaign right now, but foreshadow the other campaigns a lot. My players are soon going to run into a bar run by a pair of mutated animals who have managed to escape from Genlab Alpha, but I'm not going to describe them as animals at first. I'm instead telling my players that they just look extremely feral, even by mutant standards.

Dead Blue Sea is my favorite compendium, but I thought it daunting to start the campaign there. I've instead put the Ark near a river, and my players have started to theorize that it must be easier to travel by water than trekking through dangerous landscapes. Little do they know that the river leads into the ocean and the fun threats that looms there. ;-)
NigelBurke said Jun 13, 2017 06:29:13
I like it, Karina! The big question for me, if you're using the London Zone (which you never said for me) is that the Thames doesn't exactly go to the open ocean. You still have to sail a ways out for that, and I want the Dead Blue Sea content to be near enough to matter.

The more I think about it, the more I want to do a coastal Zone of my own. Maybe in New England or California?
Fenhorn said Jun 13, 2017 11:50:18
There are regional travel rules in one of the ZC (the first one I think). Using that and if the players have a real ship, it isn't that far away.
War, war never changes
avatar said Jun 15, 2017 04:54:41
I use the Gothenburg map.

But I don't think that you don't need to feel like a slave to the map, or real world geography. I've made that the coastlines are closer than on the map because of the global warming that helped to destroy human civilization. :-)
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