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Remenber Modiphius: Only you can stop this forum from dying

posted Jun 09, 2017 12:29:13 by DCP
While i understand that the Unofficial and Official Facebook page gets you more traffic daily then here this Forum does need it's own exclusive things to make it more appealing for people to not only come and look but create accounts and contribute, that is all this forum needs to become a hive of activity Major important things you can only get here that DIRECTLY affect the creation or expansion of the game
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
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Rolson said Jun 11, 2017 03:48:24
I completely agree! I contribute to a few other forums, most of them board/tabletop game related and this one is by far the worst. The first problem I see is lack of people contributing. Most of the people I game with didnt even know about the game, let alone the forums. There needs to be some sort of advertising or exclusive releases on the website to get people here. Start a news feed or do weekly updates through something!

Second, there's a lack of organization. Can we please have some subsections added; Campaign, Organized Play, Rules, Painting/Mods, PvP, etc. This will help to separate and organize all the various categories making it much easier to ask questions and find information.
SteveHanson said Jun 11, 2017 04:35:16
@Rolson our software doesn't support sub forums as much as I would like to provide them. Maybe when we roll out the new website we'll be able too.
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Rolson said Jun 11, 2017 04:56:44
@SteveHanson Hopefully you can add them when you launch the new site. Thanks for the reply!
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