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Combat Tactics

posted Jun 09, 2017 01:30:47 by Michael_Romanov
This tread is for sharing and discuss different combat tactics.
I will start with some basic vehicle combat tactics:
1. Missile or rocket launcher:
Firing these from inside a vehicle is normally a bad idea. They use the same physics that allows a rocket to lift off, only on much smaller scale. That means having the rear end of these weapons inside the vehicle most likely one,some, or all (including the weapon operator) are barbecue! Always make sure the rear end is outside the vehicle and pointed not to the front.
2. Flamer in vehicle combat
At first most think flamers are absolutely useless during a vehicle fight, and mostly they are right. But if someone is trying to ram you or try to kick you from the street by pushing you from the side, a short burst with flamer makes funny surprise. Second given the distances and speed of a car chase flamer might seem again useless. But remember you don't have to fire at the opponents, the street behind your car is also a legitimate target and much easier to hit. Use the flamers to lay a wall of fire behind your car! This wall cover at least your lane and at a car-length long. Normally one reload should do it!
3. Grenades
Given the inaccurate timer in a grenade it mostly pure luck, when a thrown grenade hits the enemy car, better use small remote-detonated demolition charges. These should better prepared by your demolition expert, or you blown up your base.
Please comment or add more combat tactics
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