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do you think we will see Faction specific boxes at release along with the starter box?

posted May 29, 2017 23:42:34 by DCP
so based on what i have read here ( it looks like the starter box is not going to have much interesting stuff going on in it and as my mind wanders i'm reminded on the very good GW "Start collecting" boxes considering the value in selling these do you think when the game hits store shelves we will also be able to pick up a different faction as well?
just someone who want's the best but always expects the worst
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martintoney2012 said May 30, 2017 01:46:57
I wish I knew haha That would certainly give me something to write about.
My assumption is that once the starter arrives, the rest of the Fallout 4 factions will come along
in the months that follow. After all, Chris has said that the plan is to release a new faction each

The hardened PVC Plastic two player starter set is expected to launch in 2018.
That leads me to think the releases will go like this:

+ November 2017 - Launch, 2 Factions available
+ December 2017 - Launch 3rd Faction
+ January 2018 - Launch 4th Faction & Campaign Pack (“You’ll be able to make your own leaders with the campaign pack coming later.”)
+ February 2018 - Launch 5th Faction & Deluxe Rulebook. ("The deluxe rulebook planned for 2018 will cover anything not in the starter set rulebooks or added in expansions.")
+ March 2018 - Launch 6th Faction & PVC Plastic two player starter set
+ By this point, the main Fallout 4 Factions are available. BOS, Minutemen, Institute, Survivors, Super Mutants & Raiders.
+ April - June - Launch Scenario and Campaign downloadable expansions for custom play.

Here's what Chris told me in the Q&A in regards to expansions for the

FWWC – We already know that the matter of pricing is still being discussed and sorted out. But with only 3 miniatures required, and a total of 30 allowed per player on the table at any one given time,do you plan on offering blisters of 3 miniatures? Boosters of around 10 Miniatures? Army boxes that contain everything you need? As I’m sure you know, the more choices the better.

Chris Birch – Whilst the starter sets will give you a small variety of up to 9 minis, yes you can expect to see expansions of 3 characters, 3-5 figure expansions and robot and creatures expansions of 1-5 minis depending on the size of the creatures.

PS: Thanks for reading FWWC
Lane said May 30, 2017 05:05:57
I hope to see at least three factions at release, preferably four.

Imagine how fast support would dry up if they released with only two factions and due to production/ shipping/ customs issues the third/ fourth faction took 3 months each.
Jordan.Peacock said May 30, 2017 12:52:46
I hope we can at least get some placeholder stats for representative combatants from several different factions at the start, even if the models aren't all out yet. That way:

a) If I'm really impatient to play Faction X, I can at least play with proxies, then grab the official (and far prettier-looking) minis and paint them up when they come out.

b) If I'm playing one of the starter factions, it can still be interesting to see what I might be up against later on.

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