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Enemies and how to defeat them

posted May 25, 2017 11:26:36 by MarcinWójcik

Me and my team are playing MC3rdEd for circa 3 months. We started from Sawage Worlds Edition and moved to the right one. I've looked through this forum with my problem but I could not find any solution.

The problem I have, is connected with enemies. They are extremly weak againts my team. I could boost enemies (more Soak, more dmg or HP and etc) but for how long it will make sense (especially for troops)? In few books it is said that GM can summon enemies out of blue when in other books it is said that only by spending DSP new enemies can join the battle. When is when? Can new enemies spawn during combat without DSP (like in ending of Dark Symmetry campaing with new ones coming in exact turns of battle) or it doesn't matter because spending DSP means to players how bad the situation is (like it was said in Straffan Gattan)? For example - my team was fighting with Mishima Hired Killers and my team is killing them without a sweat. I could spend 2 DSP for new elite or just summon him from other room (or even more). But spending DSP cripples me - I cannot use Dark Gifts from those Mishiman Heretics or counter the attacks made by PC. On the other hand without spending DSP my team may say that I am cheating because rules are rules. I know, I know - GM is always right and if not check point 1 but still rules are rules.

I ask because I have in my team 3 characters: Bauhauser Templar, Mishiman Deamon Hunter and Ronin. But let us focus on Templar due to his skills and possibilities (and because DH and R did not show any particular skills in being OP with their characters - YET). With his talents from Mentalism and Close Combat he can mostly destroy everything I prepare for him. 1 vs 1 with Nepharite of Illian means I have to spend 3 DSP act as first to try to inflict as much damage as possible and use her in Squad so she can survive to another turn (not to mention using Gifts for another X DSP). Templar uses Avatar Spell and Swiftness Spell (in few fights it gave him 3 Actions per round). High Willpower makes him extremely hard to injure by Gifts. His Corruption Soak is above 4 and 5 (on his equipment) so it is almost imposible to corrupt anything he uses (without spending another huge sum of DSP). Not to forget about Talent Weapon Master. And almost every fight ends before it even starts. Curator with 5 Blessed Legionaries vs Templar? 2 Rounds. One scratch healed after battle. Fight with Nemezis Heretic Cultits of Demnogonis using deseases to inflict damage with 2 teams of heretics and one group of Cadavers? 3 rounds and no injury.

I am not asking about how to counter this Character because it is not as much problem as it seems (Legion sees, Legion learns - bug Soak means more AP ammo). I wonder how to adjust the game - PC playing templar throws a lot of DSP for me to use but without tweaking, everything begins to be to easy for him. Worm Ammo? Void. Enemy Shooters? Void. Staying in groups? Easiet and faster to kill. Staying alone - much, much lower chance of hitting him. Or those examples I said before...I wonder how to prepare sessions for my players. After all using 2 groups of 6 with elite as leader, nepharite with group of 10 as additional hp and 10 troops alone just to block PCs Responce Actions seems a little bit...Well it is strange when it is 3 vs 31 just to make battle a little bit more challenging for players.
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Marc_Langworthy said Jun 07, 2017 16:02:18
Hey Marcin!

Troopers are expected to perform poorly against PCs, so I wouldn't worry too much. Are you using them in Hordes? Make sure you also use them as Squads with Elites. That way, your players will have to plan extra carefully when looking to attack the Elite.

The DSP spend for reinforcements can happen any time, irrespective of the scenario. So for the Dark Symmetry scenario you mention, there will be specific reinforcements on each turn as listed, but these could also be supplemented with DSP spends. You could do the same when establishing an encounter for the group. Prepare a quick list of reinforcements, but if it seems to little a challenge, top it up with DSP reinforcements.

If DSPs are a problem, make sure you grab 2 DSP every time they generate a Repercussion. Also include DSP generators (p. 145 of the core book) and creatures with the Personal Dark Symmetry and Slave to Symmetry abilities. Plan scenarios that draw on their weaker skills so they're tempted to pay DSP for extra dice on skill tests.

So that scenario of 31 you mention, gift yourself an amount of DSP purely because this is a large concentration of the Dark Legion in one place. The Dark Symmetry will also be pervasive in the area, so count the scene as including a DSP generator. Pile Dread on the players so that Repercussions become more prevalent (I seriously cannot recommend piling on mental torment enough). Make any Gifts that can bolster defenses are already in effect; after all, they will likely be well prepared.

Keep creatures in Hordes and Squads wherever possible, so you increase your chance of hitting and causing damage. Make sure to spend Momentum on re-rolling damage or inflicting bonus damage.

I can see the Swiftness spell causing an issue to be fair. Spells are something that'll likely be addressed in a tactical update. For now, and with the player's agreement (it's meant to be fun AND challenging after all), you might want to limit its effects to one Standard Action and alter the Momentum spends to the following: one Momentum to extend the duration by an additional five minutes, or two Momentum to always act first in a round (regardless of DSP spent on NPCs). If two characters always act first, the winner of an opposed Willpower test will instead act first. (Note: in this case, you can build in the occassional NPC that also has the ability to always act first!)

Anyway, hope that helps!
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Michael_Romanov said Jun 08, 2017 00:53:08
And perhaps use Heretics generated like PC. The Acolytes are troops but lead by lvl 3 or 4 Heretic as squad they should at least buys your Nepharite some time.
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ScottJoshua said Jul 23, 2018 04:43:50
Domt forget that the dark legions have powers as well. Illian has a dark symetry power thst gives extra stamdard actions. Apply that and the distortion field that speeds up or slows dowm a zone and you can drop a ton of heat on a player. You can also onclude weapons or powers that force a will save or be unable to cast. Hope this helps
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