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A!CS Commander's Set Unboxing/Review

posted May 20, 2017 23:46:12 by FentonCrackshell
I posted an unboxing on the A!CS Facebook group

The written content is as follows:

A!CS Commander's Set Unboxing

So, my FLGS got in a Commander's Set for me.

It's a nice cardboard fold-top box on the full color A!CS sleeve. It contains the rulebook and the deck I already "reviewed". Additionally, it contains a set of colored dice, a couple loose templates/game aids, to pages of tokens and templates to punch, and a card stock reference sheet.

The Good:

It's a good value. At about 30 bucks, you are already saving money over at the price you'd pay just for a book and the deck.

The Could Be Better:

The templates/and tokens are thin card stock, maybe even thinner for the stock used in the TAC deck (?).

Cards, however can be sleeved, templates and tokens cannot. The blast template already has a "wave" to it, just by sharing the box with the other contents.

The dice are generic, opaque colored dice with white pips. No marbling, or metallic embossing, no custom A!C symbol in the side of the six.

Now, I know you can argue that they are essentially "free" add-ins at this price, so they don't really have me feeling I got ripped off. However, I would have gladly paid more and gotten better components.

The templates risk being creased, torn, etc. with even normal use, and provide a bit of a transport problem since they cannot be slid into a pocket on miniature case or the like. I guess I could laminate them and then carefully cut them, but that's quite a chore on the round templates, especially to get hit just right.

Laser cut acrylic would have been ideal, but even a nice finish on thick chip board like typical FFG stock would have been welcomed.

The dice are certainly perfectly functional and durable (as opposed to the card stock bits), but as indicated, some dice that look custom to the game would have been great and worth the up-charge to me.

I do, of course, realize that I may not be in the majority, and many may prefer a $30 box to get started, rather than a more premium component product that clocked closer to $50-$60, and ultimately in the more frugal offering is a better gateway, I'm glad they made the choices they did.

It's my hope that if the player base grows, perhaps we will see Litko or one of the other laser cutting companies offer up a custom set of tokens and templates in acrylic or MDF.
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