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New Roles

posted May 16, 2017 16:08:31 by
Hi all. I am currently running a game with a fairly large group, large enough that the only role not in use is the Boss though this is partially because I have banned it due to it being in my eyes over powered for a troupe based game.
As a result I have come up with the Pit Fighter and would like peoples thoughts on it.
Role - Pit Fighter
Key Attribute - Strength
Specialist Skill - We who are about to die (this name could be changed if people have other thoughts)
When in the Ark you may perform in a pit fight, use the We who are about to die skill and for every success rolled select one of the below stunts:
# D6 Bullets
# D6 Rations of Grub
# 2D6 Rations of Rot Free Water
# 2D6 Rations of Booze
If the Ark has completed the Zone wrestling project then you may select an additional time from the list on a successful roll as if you had rolled one more stunt.
The second use of this skill is when fighting one on one, roll the We who are about to die skill instead of fight. You will only inflict standard weapon damage on a successful roll but may select from the below options for each stunt rolled.
# Show off your 'moves' inflicting one point of doubt (repeatable)
# Inflict one point of doubt to another enemy within near range (repeatable) - One stunt per enemy, one stunt per doubt.
Failure - You have lost the fight and have taken a point of damage.
# Showman - When fighting one on one you gain a +1 modification to Fight or We who are about to die. This could be a +2 but you should choose when taking the Talent which skill it applies to.
# Blooded - If you have been damaged you may add one point of damage to any successful Fight skill attack for the rest of the combat.
# Beast Slayer - When engaged by beasts you get a +1 modification to Fight or We who are about to die skill rolls.
Starting Gear - 2D6 Rations of Booze, D6 Rations of Grub, D6 Rations of Rot Fee Water.
Weapon - Brass Knuckles (Light Weapon)

I look forward to hearing peoples thoughts.
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avatar said Jun 13, 2017 06:27:53
Looks cool, but it feels a little to similar to the Fixer's ability. I would try to capture the gladiator feel in another way to differentiate it from the other roles - perhaps something about performing dirty tricks like throwing sand in your opponents eyes?
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