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Chronicler's new ability?

posted May 03, 2017 09:32:25 by
One of my Scandinavian frenemies told me that the Chronicler's ability Inspire had been nerfed over there in the latest errata.

My frenemy explained it like this: Instead of rolling all your dice and adding all the successes to the person you wanted to help, you instead added +2 for your first success and then +1 for each extra success.

It first sounded okay, but then I thought it through. That isn't a nerf - it makes the ability better. If you roll three successes with the original ability, you add +3 to the person you want to help. If you roll three successes with the nerfed one, you instead add +4.

Could somebody explain to me - with small and simple words - how Inspire actually is supposed to work nowadays? ':-I
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Fenhorn said May 03, 2017 12:08:21
The old rule simply add the Chroniclers successes to whoever he tried to Inspire. So if the Chronicler has a total of seven dice (4 basic and 3 skill), any successes rolled by those are given to the "target". So technically you can say that this Chronicler boosts any skill roll that he tries to Inspire with +7.

The new rule instead modifies the "targets" skill roll. The first success counts as +2 (or -2 if the Chronicler tries to be a pain in the ...) and any additional successes increases this by +1 (-1 for the pain in the ... Chronicler). If the above mentioned Chronicler rolls two success he will give the target +3. The target rolls whatever dice he has for the skill (lets assume 4 basic, 1 skill and 1 gear) and add 3 dice to the rolls (green dice). So the target rolls 4 basic, 4 green and 1 gear dice, a total of 9 dice.

If using the old rule, the actual skill roll in this example would have been 13 dice (the Chroniclers 7 and the targets 6).

... or in small and simple words - the Chronicler don't give successes any more, they give a bonus (or a penalty).
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