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Challenge Dice Roller Browser app

posted Apr 30, 2017 19:19:22 by WaynePeters
Hello, taking a short break from my Miniature Maker I made a quick and simple Challenge Dice roller app designed to run in a browser.

I know it will run with Firefox and apparently it runs fine with Safari. I've found with the miniature Maker that it will run in Chrome but can sometimes throw up errors. It apparently won't work with IE but should run with Edge.
I made it fairly small so that it will fit on pretty much every screen. If it's too small for you, you can maximise it to full screen using the arrow button in the bottom right.
I don't know if it's any use at all to anyone but it was fun to make.


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PatricHenson said May 01, 2017 00:44:30
You are a legend sir!
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QorDaq said May 02, 2017 16:35:14

This is pretty cool. Thank you. And, because we always want "More" here on the interwebs, any chance of getting a "Results" info line, maybe along the bottom of the screen? It's useful now of course, but I believe reading dice at odd angles is always extra work--so a results line at the bottom would be a quality of life kind of feature were it possible.

That said, great work and as always, your contributions to the community are very much appreciated.

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WaynePeters said May 02, 2017 18:11:13
Small update. I added buttons so you can change the colour of the dice.

This is also a test build using Unity's new HTML5/WebGL setup so please let me know if it goes horribly wrong.

As for a results line, well, I'm sure that's possible but I'd need to figure out a way for the app to read the dice as it's literally cubes being dropped and bouncing around randomly until they stop. In other words literally behaving like real dice. I can't help feeling that it's something that would be waaaaay out of my depth :D

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Elijah said May 02, 2017 21:03:44
I realize that you have made 3D dice, but it does lack one important [CD] mechanic and that is re-rolling any number of dice of your choice.
Have you considered instead of 3D dice, just have them be flat squares in a row with a ROLL button that randomizes the selected number of dice? You could then easily have them be summed and show the result at the bottom. You could also have the option of selecting the dice which one wants to re-roll and click reroll, while the rest stay still.
I do understand that 3D dice look nice, but honestly I play on Roll20 also, and I can tell you that after the 3D dice novelty wears off you start to appreciate just a simple easily readable line of dice results.

On Roll20 I used simple JavaScript to create some [CD]. (Note due to Roll20 limitation I cannot choose which dice to reroll, the reroll button simply lets you roll additional dice and you have to say which you are rerolling and then calculate the difference.)
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WaynePeters said May 02, 2017 21:15:41
Sure, a simple 2D number generator would be pretty easy to do (even for me) and it would probably be more useful for a lot of folks. I just thought it'd be cool to have 3D dice :D
Eric Stearns said May 04, 2017 03:45:38
aramis_erak said May 04, 2017 13:27:00
It's also lacking one other de rigeur element for dice rollers: total result.

Pretty spiff so far.
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SteveHanson said Oct 15, 2017 03:21:58
Any chance of adding d20s to this?
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