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posted Apr 27, 2017 19:42:41 by themaskofromek
Okay so it would appear that the playtest is over so what now?
Personally I intend to keep running my Lexington campaign till the first print run of the game becomes available in August ish.

The purpose of this thread is for GMS to share their scenarios for whatever era they prefer.

I'll get the ball rolling with a TOS adventure I knocked up the other week.

Do Mudd Droids Dream of Electric Sheep

FYI I have started a Facebook page for this topic to make life simpler.
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TomK said Apr 28, 2017 03:42:49
My Star Trek: Pioneer scenario is in its own thread. Feel free to crimp or steal, as needed.
Eric Stearns said Apr 28, 2017 03:44:50
OMG!!!! I.P. Freely - I nearly woke my wife, I was laughing so hard!!!!

Issues that GMs should be aware of (just in case you didn't know) - Aldebaran III is a Federation member planet and the Aldebaran system is in Federation Space (though on the edge of the Beta Quadrant). This means that the Klingon ship is in violation of the treaty of Organia, though they can claim diplomatic immunity if they don't confront the Lexington directly. It might actually be interesting if after they fail to nab Mudd, that *they* initiate communications with the Lexington requesting assistance in apprehending the infamous Klingon fugitive (sort of the truth, enough to cause most Captains to at least give pause to their actions.) If pressed the Klingons should be evasive as to the nature of the offense, citing "State Secrets" (especially since it was espionage against the Federation).

Finding out that piece of evidence would mean the Federation could then invoke Primus Jurisdiction (which would be the last we hear of H F Mudd) and while there is no onus on the Klingons (espionage is the game of politics, after all) it would make for an interesting discussion if brought up to the Klingon Commander.

@themaskofromek - There are so many levels to this scenario that I'm not sure I could run this without giggling the entire time.
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themaskofromek said Apr 28, 2017 08:27:58
Thanks for reading it first of all.

I picked Aldeberan out of mid air. I had no idea it was a canon world. I think I may have to change it.

Glad you like Mudds aliases I just couldn't resist. Especially C U Later.

I rewatched "I, Mudd" just to get the feel of the character. I had forgotten just what a "scoundrel" he was. I'll play him like a pantomime character completely over the top with frequent use of phrases like "laddie buck" and "that stuffed shirt Jim Kirk". However he is a chess player and thinks and plans ahead. The bluster is a front to confuse the authorities.

Regarding the actions of the Klingons. They are essentially on a black op. The Empire would disavow them should they be discovered. In my own campaign I'm using the house of Duras as a major obstacle to peace with the Federation not to mention a pain in the proverbial to the crew of the Lexington.

In this scenario the Empire could claim that the IKS Kovar was operating on its own and claim no violation of the treaty.

I had considered using mercenaries to grab Mudd but where's the trek in that?

In true trek tradition this plotline could lead to lots of interesting places. If I can I will let Mudd escape perhaps using a second Mudd droid that when discovered after his escape sings "'Enery the Eighth I Am" till they find the off switch.


I'm keeping my eye on Pioneer 😆
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"There can be no peace while Kirk lives!"
blizzard36 said Apr 28, 2017 21:41:08
Given some of the early pre-gens, it seemed like they were leaning towards some sort of living campaign. Does anyone know of confirmation on this? I have a game I intend to run that should take us through all the eras (USS Bozeman FTW!), but we're also interested in more official play having liked the scenarios so far.
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Elijah said Apr 28, 2017 22:27:32
@blizzard36 Yes, latest we know is there will be a living Campaign set in the Shackleton Expanse, with the 4 Ships. I believe there will a new mission for each ship once a month that every group can play worldwide and then discuss the different strategies they employed to finish the mission.
Eric Stearns said Apr 29, 2017 01:42:10
@themaskofromek - yep, it's canon - ever hear of the Aldebaran shell-mouth? Never seen on screen in TOS but discussed quite a bit (and on Aldebaran III, no less).
themaskofromek said Apr 29, 2017 08:37:16
System duly renamed. I will upload sound files for the mission briefing soon.
"There can be no peace while Kirk lives!"
BytomMan said Apr 30, 2017 00:48:35
Is there any way to get the other playtest missions? I've done the Lexington but not the others.
Eric Stearns said Apr 30, 2017 04:11:35
@themask - Hopefully you didn't rename it Deneb - I'm sure you've heard of a Denebian Slime Devil. :)
themaskofromek said Apr 30, 2017 18:27:51
I went for Patronis as the system name. Then I realised it was a bit Potteresque but what the hell.

I now have to generate sound files for computer briefings for every mission after using the files you generously provided for "Adrift". Fortunately a free download TTS app does the job.

Sound files for Mudd Scenario now online.

Mudd Scenario
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"There can be no peace while Kirk lives!"
Eric Stearns said May 01, 2017 02:21:31
I was going to ask if you wanted me to do that. - lol
Eric Stearns said May 01, 2017 02:24:10
Listened to your audio - it's not bad but it's a little quick. If there is a way to slow it down, you might want to consider it. Also, there is a program called Audacity that you should check out. It will allow you to add a little reverb to give it that "deep space" bouncing off the hulls sound that I got on my original cuts.
DivisionLudica said May 01, 2017 03:08:44

Have anybody try "Brink of destruction" at Reddit?

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themaskofromek said May 01, 2017 06:35:05
Yes I agree the TTS app has its limitations. Oddly enough I do have a copy of Audacity (I tried it for the BF1 easter egg hunt but ended up finding an easier solution). I will give that a go.

That scenario is very interesting. I may adapt that for the Lexingtons final mission before I reboot my campaign.

Anyone else written any scenarios they want to share?

Even rough notes and ideas are welcome. I am currently working on a spacial anomaly/giant space creature/exploration type adventure. I was thinking along the lines of The Motion Picture but with a twist of some kind. The working title is The GSB (Giant Space Beastie).
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"There can be no peace while Kirk lives!"
Eric Stearns said May 02, 2017 02:20:43
@themaskofromek - no problems mate, if you need assistance, just let me know. I'll see what I can whip up. :)
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