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Ship to Ship Combat

posted Apr 26, 2017 13:21:39 by LucasCunningham
In the STA Starships Alpha v.1.1 it is stated, that you can target the ships systems.
But I can't find the rules for it. Is there any special task, that for example I can target the Ships Engines?

Belay this question.

The Officer making the Attack can freely choose to target a system.
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sterling2063 said Apr 26, 2017 17:16:34
If you choose a specific system, the difficulty of the task to hit has an additional +1.
LucasCunningham said Apr 26, 2017 17:27:16
Oh, well, thank you... my poor Players... ;)
LucasCunningham said Apr 27, 2017 05:56:03
That was fast...

Yesterday my Players, in Command of USS Gettysburg (Consellation-Class) were chasing a stolen Frighter (Obert Class-Specifics) to retriefe the ship and the stolen Photontorpedos. The Frighter was a little Battledamaged from the first encounter (one Engines Breachpoint) the minimal Crew could not repair.

The Plan: A Spacefight between them and the Frighter supported by 3 to 4 Marquies Raiders (Federation Courier).

As we all were inexpirienced in SpaceCombat, there where USS Brighton (Miranda-Class) as Backup for the Players on route.

After a short Subspace Comunication, in which the Marquies Leader tried to Bluff the Players to stand down, the Frigher leaves warpspeed as it was clear the Gettysburg comes into weapons range befor his reinforcements will arrive.
The Frighter fired first ans missed.
The Players clearly afreight of the three incoming targets, which they missed (bad dice) to identify, closing in into ideal combatrange and opened fire with photonterpedos, with a second salvo to increase damage. Direct hit, 6CD: 1, 2, 4, 5, 5, 5.
The frighter answerd with soak: 3 and 6.
They reduced the shields by 5 and got 3 hits on the frieghter, one for the breach and two for the remaining two effects.
Systems-hit: Weapons, Stucture and Engines.
As the Frighter had a previus Engine hit, he was disabled and its Captain surrendert, his crew was trying to prevent a core breach.
At first the Gettysburg retrieved their stolen Torpedos and as they become aware that the frighter crew could not prevent the core breach, they rescued them.

The three Marquis Raider lost thier cause to fight for, dicided to run and escaped into the badlands.

So it was fast but we had our fun.

A little tricky is the coordination of the bridge crew.
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