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Jack of All trades question

posted Apr 20, 2017 18:41:40 by Skyler Winkler
Couple of questions about jack of all trades:
Can characters take this multiple times or only once?
Can you reclass back into your old class or do you have to stick to the new one/s?
Do the classes combine into something new or just become a jack of all trades class?
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Fenhorn said Apr 20, 2017 20:22:36
MYZ p63
Only Once: As a general rule, you can only choose each talent once, but there are some exceptions. Always write down new talents that you learn on your character sheet.

The Jack of All trades talent doesn't say that you can take that multiple times, so no. Your character can only have two roles. And just as the talent say, you keep your old role, its specialist skill and whatever talents you that are connected to it and you can of course use them, but you can not take new talents from the old roles list and you can't increase the your old roles specialist skill. So you technically are the new role with an enhanced backstory.

I don't know all the talents back to front but the only (or at least one of the few) talent that you can take more than once is one of the warriors talents (MGA).
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