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Brotherhood attitudes to redeemed apostates.

posted Apr 12, 2017 12:15:20 by EdwardAmnonDoernberg
Brotherhood attitudes to redeemed apostates.

In my Venusian apocalypse campaign the tempted has been captured. I have already established that the tempted can be cleansed of corruption using a time consuming ritual casting of exercise darkness.

In this case however the tempted is Sister Bernadette. Would the fact that she was a member of the brotherhood (but not a wielder of the art) affect how willing the brotherhood would be to accept that she is no longer a servant of darkness.

The precedent I set with a previous tempted (major Simon Harris of imperial) has him currently serving penance under Brotherhood supervision, coming to terms with what he did as the tempted and while his personal freedom will be restored he will always be watched by the brotherhood.
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BloodAxeKommando said Apr 13, 2017 18:44:57
I think Sister Bernadette should be treated like in career event 2 on page 103 of the Brotherhood Sourcebook (1d6+3 years under severe scrutiny).

Marc_Langworthy said Apr 26, 2017 11:36:10
Hi Edward,

This is only my opinion, but I'd imagine that the Brotherhood would either attempt to cover it up or make an example of her. Either way, it wouldn't be good for Sister Bernadette.

One of their own falling to the Darkness and inciting such mayhem? They wouldn't want word of that getting out. If you choose to have them cover it up, I wouldn't put it past them to offer incentives or veiled threats - or both - to buy the character's silence. Or they might try plausible deniability; she was a rogue agent who beguiled the investigators into their scheme. Suddenly it's the characters who are also under scrutiny as they may have been compromised, which the Brotherhood are hoping will scare them into towing their official line. Sister Bernadette would be expunged from all records and never heard from again.

If you choose for them to publicly acknowledge her misdeeds, it would be most likely that they would want to broadcast her interrogation, exorcism, trial, and purification. This would be for a number of reasons: the public feel secure that the Brotherhood don't treat their own any differently (more harshly, in fact), those all-important popularity ratings, the Darkness will be defeated by the Light wherever it is found, etc. A full media circus that could easily drag the characters into it. Her trial would of course result in her execution (purification).

Just my opinion of course, but you could certainly have some fun with it either way :)
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