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Star Trek Paper Miniature Maker browser app

posted Mar 18, 2017 12:47:38 by WaynePeters
Hello folks.

Some of you will be old enough to remember an old web page I made where you could make Star Trek paper miniatures by dragging the separate components on to a figure at the top of the page. That site has long since become defunct and I finally expunged it from existence a while ago. Since then I have been working hard on a far superior replacement.

You can find the Marvellous Mechanical Star Trek Mini Maker 2.0 here:

It currently works in Chrome and Firefox. Apparently IE doesn't support the unity web player, though Edge will. I've not tested it in Safari.
It can take up to about a minute and a half to load in but there is usually a loading bar to keep you appraised of progress.

It's pretty self explanatory to use, I think.


Q: Are you going to include...?
A: YES! Eventually.

Q: Where's the bloody print function!?
A: There isn't one, sorry. Neither is there a Load/Save function. I'm afraid that's a tad out of my league just yet but I definitely want to include a print function as well as a save/load one at some point. I'm afraid for now you'll have to use Print Screen or the Snips app in Windows and paste in to an art package of your choice.

Q: Why can't I resize the screen?
A: The resolution is fixed so that the images when screen-capped are around 32mm tall at 300 dpi. That means you will need a monitor resolution large enough to view the work area - which I think most folk will. I'll look into resizing options later on.

Q: Why are some parts of the uniforms grey instead of black.
A: I try to avoid colours that are too dark as they print even darker and can make the black outline indistinguishable, effectively turning the figure in to a silhouette. For this reason some colours are a little brighter than they should be too.
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WaynePeters said Apr 20, 2017 09:39:37
Eric, sorry if I was crabby, mate. I was having a really crappy day yesterday. No hard feelings.
The rank insignia is something I will definitely consider for a later date.
Also, Adrift audio? Link me!

In other news there's a massive update coming in the next few days that adds TMP, TWOK and Nemesis uniforms - also TOS Andorian antennae :)

BytomMan said Apr 20, 2017 19:05:47
Nice! I love your generator. After the basics are covered, will you do the Beyond uniforms? (Pretty-please?)
PatricHenson said Apr 20, 2017 19:56:19
In other news there's a massive update coming in the next few days that adds TMP, TWOK and Nemesis uniforms - also TOS Andorian antennae :)

Sweet! That is fantastic news! I can't wait! :D
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Eric Stearns said Apr 20, 2017 22:07:55
@Wayne - Mate, absolutely no problems and all is totally forgiven. The audio files are in the resources page somewhere - it links to my google docs. I have a large video file of star field with the bridge sounds added but it is too large to download (it fails - a lot) something about living in the middle of no where and having internet you have to pull start to use I guess.

There are also some video captures I did for the wormhole effect and the 3 D7s in formation (as an effects guy I kind of have my hand in a lot of pots.)
WaynePeters said Apr 21, 2017 16:43:36
Star Trek Mini-Maker is updated with:

Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan and First Contact uniforms and props.
Phasers, Tricorders, communicators and PADDs vary from movie to movie. For now I've chosen my favourites and will most likely add the others at a later date.
I've also added TOS Andorian antennae for the TOS and TOS Pilot periods.
I've tidied up the hand and arm positioning in places where it was a bit patchy. Wrist connections are still scrappy on bare arms. I'll look at that for the next build.
I've also included a new loading screen.
As ever the app can take several minutes to load depending on your connection. Please be patient.

I may take a bit of a break before the next update as there are currently nearly 2500 seperate images in the app, the vast majority of which are arms and I'm really really sick of drawing arms! :D

Also @BytomMan - Ayup. The Beyond uniforms are very high on the list as I LOVE 'em! :)
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Elijah said Apr 21, 2017 17:55:17
@WaynePeters Awesome!
One bug - it seems TNG Movies andorians do not have antennas at all
DavidRosson said Apr 21, 2017 18:11:31
The new loading screen is stunning... It is honestly a pleasure to watch load.

Regarding Andorians: Can you please have two different species of them so we can have old school antennae outside of the two TOS categories (and vice versa)?
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WaynePeters said Apr 21, 2017 19:08:31
@Elijah OH NO! Oops. I will fix and update asap. :/

@David - Probably. I'll look in to it for the next build.
BytomMan said Apr 21, 2017 20:43:22
Dude, you are awesome.
WaynePeters said Apr 21, 2017 21:28:30
Minor Update: Okay, apparently Andorian antennae weren't showing up in the TNG movie era. I fixed it but at the same time, as it was an easy mod, I have per David's request, added the option to have either classic Andorian or modern Enterprise style Andorians in every era. Enjoy.
sterling2063 said Apr 22, 2017 02:09:31
So, sorry to disrupt the joyous mood of a new update, but I've gotten an error in Chrome in the latest version. Attached is the error message. In the meantime, I'm using another browser. Again, fantastic update!
[Last edited Apr 22, 2017 02:09:53]
WaynePeters said Apr 22, 2017 07:43:07
Yeah, Chrome continues to be sketchy for some people. Unfortunately it's beyond my technical knowhow to figure out why at the moment.
Out ot interest. Are you using Chrome in Windows or iOS and is it 32 or 64 bit?
WaynePeters said Apr 22, 2017 08:07:00
Okay, gentlebeings. John over at the Star Trek Tabletop Gaming Facebook group has asked me to put together a banner for the group featuring a row of characters from the minimaker.
If you'd like your character to be included post a screengrab here.
I'd like to have one from each era and a good mix of male and female and different species and there's limited space, so I can't promise to use them all, I'm afraid but let's see them anyway.

The group is here:
sterling2063 said Apr 22, 2017 13:20:24
Aha, the point is now moot. I was running Windows Chrome 64-bit, but there was a Java update this morning that fixed the problem! Surprise surprise.
WaynePeters said Apr 22, 2017 13:48:36
Oh, really? Interesting.
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