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Star Trek Paper Miniature Maker browser app

posted Mar 18, 2017 12:47:38 by WaynePeters
Hello folks.

Some of you will be old enough to remember an old web page I made where you could make Star Trek paper miniatures by dragging the separate components on to a figure at the top of the page. That site has long since become defunct and I finally expunged it from existence a while ago. Since then I have been working hard on a far superior replacement.

You can find the Marvellous Mechanical Star Trek Mini Maker 2.0 here:

It currently works in Chrome and Firefox. Apparently IE doesn't support the unity web player, though Edge will. I've not tested it in Safari.
It can take up to about a minute and a half to load in but there is usually a loading bar to keep you appraised of progress.

It's pretty self explanatory to use, I think.


Q: Are you going to include...?
A: YES! Eventually.

Q: Where's the bloody print function!?
A: There isn't one, sorry. Neither is there a Load/Save function. I'm afraid that's a tad out of my league just yet but I definitely want to include a print function as well as a save/load one at some point. I'm afraid for now you'll have to use Print Screen or the Snips app in Windows and paste in to an art package of your choice.

Q: Why can't I resize the screen?
A: The resolution is fixed so that the images when screen-capped are around 32mm tall at 300 dpi. That means you will need a monitor resolution large enough to view the work area - which I think most folk will. I'll look into resizing options later on.

Q: Why are some parts of the uniforms grey instead of black.
A: I try to avoid colours that are too dark as they print even darker and can make the black outline indistinguishable, effectively turning the figure in to a silhouette. For this reason some colours are a little brighter than they should be too.
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WaynePeters said Apr 07, 2017 08:55:08
What I don't understand about that is that IE is the one big browser that Unity builds won't run in at all.
I know that Microsoft's new Edge browser will apparently have support for the elements required to run the Unity Loader.
What confuses me more than anything is the fact that I was under the impression that web builds from Unity are using WebGL via HTML5 and I can't understand why any of the browsers would stop supporting either of those two things - at least not unless there was a better and/or safer alternative. I hope that the mini maker will be able to run via a browser one way or another as it's much more convenient and accessible than a standalone app.
Ah well. If it comes about that Unity apps simply can't be run via a browser I'll either just abandon the idea or make it downloadable as a standalone app.
TomK said Apr 09, 2017 02:37:27
Pardon my ignorance, but is there a print option?
WaynePeters said Apr 09, 2017 08:51:05
There isn't yet, I'm afraid, no. You need to screengrab it.
A print function - or at least a save to image file function - is something I will definitely look in to at some point. It's just a bit beyond my technical knowhow right now. :/
PatricHenson said Apr 13, 2017 17:12:36
Just thought of something that would be cool to put under Era: Borg! That way you could make a Borg drone of any race and it could have different options for arm attachments rather than equipment. That would be sweet!
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BytomMan said Apr 14, 2017 20:16:28
What are the best stands to use with these?
WaynePeters said Apr 15, 2017 18:15:47
PatricHenson - that'd work actually. I'll add it to the list. :D

BytomMan - You can simply fold up the lower rectangles on the mini and stand them that way. Most paper mini bases will work with them, though. I use Litko 25mm circular slot bases and leave a 3mm strip under the feet:


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TomK said Apr 16, 2017 10:17:37
One small request, especially for Enterprise-era crew members: would it be possible to add rank as an option?
Elijah said Apr 16, 2017 12:05:43
@TomKillingbeck Rank is not actually visible on such a small figurine when you actually print it out as a miniature.
DavidRosson said Apr 16, 2017 19:40:05
Rank is not actually visible on such a small figurine when you actually print it out as a miniature.

A few of us may be using larger instances of these images for character portraits on the sheet. :)
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WaynePeters said Apr 17, 2017 09:22:21
That's an interesting idea. As David says, the rank insignia - especially on the Enterprise era - Could well be less than a pixel in size. It's the reason that other uniforms only have one stripe on the sleeve. There aren't enough pixels to be more detailed so it's representative, really.
That said, I've heard from a couple of other people who are using it to make portraits for their characters, not just paper miniatures so it's something to consider for further down the line. In the mean time, you are, of course at liberty to edit the images any way you see fit.
Eric Stearns said Apr 18, 2017 05:55:15
@Wayne I call BS on the one stripe theory... I've used the Okumarts minis and I can clearly see the difference in rank on sleeve insignia. And I am blind as bat with a bag over his head. (no really, if it wasn't correctable I'd be legally blind.)
I think it has more to do with the quality of print or snapshot rather than the size of mini. A 25 to 30 mm mini would mean that the rank stripe would be 4 to 8 pixels in width/height depending upon arm orientation (unless my math is way off).
WaynePeters said Apr 19, 2017 14:34:19
Okay. Sorry you feel I was bullshitting. I honestly thought it'd be too fine a detail to bother with.
Maybe I'll add that in at some point, then.
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Elijah said Apr 19, 2017 15:59:37
Seriously guys, WaynePeters is doing is in his spare time for no pay, and he is only an artist. Please don't complain about free stuff. I applaud him for everything he has drawn so far, and all of it is awesome.
Thank you WaynePeters and please keep up the good work!
sterling2063 said Apr 19, 2017 17:30:58
I second that! My crew love the miniatures, and had a blast making their characters.
Eric Stearns said Apr 19, 2017 19:22:15
@Wayne - Hopefully me calling BS didn't strike as "hard derision", it just that you can notice the detail. If anything, it just means that your work is better than you thought is was. :)

@Elijah - Understand, complaints are not my intent, just honest feedback. I wish I was half the artist that Wayne was, Scarecrow is legendary (and no I'm not sucking up, he has made a real name for himself in the paper mini community). We all do this because we love it, if Wayne thinks I'm taking it for granted, by no means, have you seen the audio files I did for the Adrift playtest? Spare time, in the studio, because I love it and thought my players and by extension, y'all, would get a kick out of it. Any comments that may seem to be derisive or derogatory are strictly meant as helpful feedback to make a great thing even better.

I mean I haven't even given him crap about the Tellarites in a couple weeks; speaking of which... ;)
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