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Genlab Alpha: NPC Ranks?

posted Mar 18, 2017 03:33:04 by Sabe Jones
Hey all,

I'm winding up to start my first MY0 game (outside of one convention session I played in, that got me interested in the game in the first place), using Genlab Alpha. As I look through the chapters on the campaign and the habitats, though, none of the canonical NPCs have Rank listed. Isn't that a pretty huge oversight, given I need to know what animals' Ranks are to assign bonus/penalty to Dominate and see if PCs increase in Rank? Are there any errata listing what these NPCs' Ranks should be?
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Fenhorn said Mar 18, 2017 12:22:59
There is an errata for the Swedish version. Now, the names for some of these NPC might be different in the English version, but here is the list.

Beta: 10
Bettet (Bite?): 11
Bohr: 11
Cassius: 10
Einstein: 10
Ett-Skutt-Dödar (One-Jump-Kill?): 5
Fuglesang: 4
Gagarin: 8
Glitter: 8
Grönöga (Green Eye?): 2
Lajka: 12
Lurva (Shaggy?): 7
Nosa (Nosey?): 8
Pricken (Dot?): 3
Pryttel: 3
Ringo: 3
Rotus: 12
Sputnik: 9
Stor-Klåda (Big Itch?): 6
Stora (Big?): 7
Truffaut: 12
Vildtass (Wild Paw?): 8
Zidane: 9

It's my own free translations of the Swedish names within parenthesis. They might not be that accurate, but can perhaps be a hint.

Ask the devs about it here (much higher chance of getting the devs attention):
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Sabe Jones said Mar 25, 2017 11:43:01
Ah, thank you! I will crosspost over there--some of these line up well, but several I'm (understandably) not sure on.
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