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Beta Character Sheet

posted Mar 06, 2017 17:20:58 by ChrisBirch
This is for comments on the newly posted character sheet 'jcm_character_sheet_layout_6-3-17.pdf'

you can download it here:

Please note this is not a finished design just the skeleton of contents, placement - not what it will eventually look like. We'd like your feedback on whether anything is missing, a box isn't big enough, what should be added etc
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MikeWilliams said Mar 06, 2017 19:55:41
OK, just looked at the new Character Sheet. Ticks all the boxes for me and looks a nice clean page. The presentation of the attributes, along with some definition text below hits the spot for me. Will try in action shortly :-)
Stu Bonham said Mar 06, 2017 22:17:22
The new sheet is nice and clear. Would it be possible to combine it with the wonderful graphics of the character sheet from the beta test package though?

James J said Mar 07, 2017 21:28:21
I like the character sheet so far but the only obviously missing bit is a place for xp and it's expenditures. I suppose you could use the notes section.

Otherwise it covers everything I can think of that would be referenced in a game.
NickRiggs said Mar 08, 2017 18:12:17
This is a lot cleaner than the previous version. Some of the box edges are a little untidy. The weapons boxes should have a blank area for the Notes. Ideally this would come in two versions, a "clean" one like this, and one with a faded Barsoom map background (not a "Lowell's Mars" background as per the last one).
Terry Willitts said Mar 15, 2017 20:12:31
Most excellent character sheet, very sharp and appealing. Nothing to add that the other commenters haven't already suggested.
RTownsend said Mar 15, 2017 20:41:40
I very much liked the beta character sheet pdf. It was clean, and had sufficent space for the listing of talent/circumstance/effect. This will make using talents easier for players who might neglect them if they were just recorded by talent name. Aesthetically, I liked the uncluttered landscape format, and of course, the text coloration was evocative of Barsoom. As noted elsewhere, I also missed seeing a place to record experience and expenditures. Other than that, I'm looking forward to making some characters.
Russ Townsend
VicSter said Dec 22, 2017 04:00:56
Hoping that there will be a fill-able pdf version of the character sheet down the road when the final product is released.
Doc-T said Jan 16, 2018 23:39:13
Landscape is fine. I very much like the short explanation below the attributes regarding their use.

Is the area for "Flaws" really sufficient?

I don't think, the "Notes" area at the bottom is necessary or helpful. Players will write down their notes on a separate, laaaaaaarge piece of paper anyway. Might be better used for XP, if there is such a thing, as others said.

"Notes" regarding weapons? Haven't seen the rules yet, but for "real" notes, this might not be sufficient. If it's to note down attributes or properties of the weapon, perhaps the area should be called thus.

The footer has a typo: "PREMISSION" (yes, I read these things :-)

Really looking forward to see the end result. Leaving out skills is great, IMHO. I hope, there will be a conversion guide from the more complex 2d20 versions (Mutant Chronicles, Conan in particular) to this simpler version.
BytomMan said Jan 24, 2018 02:04:08
@Doc-T, they announced there will be a conversion guide a couple of days ago.

Conversion Update
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