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A couple of queries

posted Mar 05, 2017 15:57:14 by RichardTurnbull
Hi all, I have looked through the board and can't find the information I am looking for.
- How is ammunition used for slingshots, does it use bullets or just whatever the Mutant can pick up?
- I can't see how the Jury-Rigged comment for beginning and purchased gear works, it makes little sense for these weapons to be one shot.
- Are Arrows which have been fired retrievable or are they automatically considered destroyed?
Thanks very much in advance
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Fenhorn said Mar 05, 2017 21:34:34
Slingshots use stones/good shaped things commonly found everywhere. I simply tell the player that he can pick up as many he likes (usually up to 10, the weight limit for ammo).

All beginning and purchased scrap guns (-pistol, derringer, -rifle) are considered Durable. Durable weapons can be reloaded and fire again.

I use 50/50 here, a common rule in RPGs. If they can find the arrow (i.e. it hits the target) it is 50% that it can be used again. I don't think there are any official rules about it.
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avatar said Mar 06, 2017 11:39:15
I had a player who wanted to use her sling to throw a grenade. I'm no expert on grenades, but I supposed it could work and said yes.
RichardTurnbull said Mar 06, 2017 19:42:34
Thank you both for your responses, though I did notice that RAW there is no specific ammo limit. Bullets count as tiny items but 10+ count as a light item for encumbrance, 20+ as a regular item, and 40+ as a heavy item. I would be happy to allow bullets and 'sling-stones' to count against the same counter.

I believe that Artifacts also use the same rules as durable items. If you roll 1's on gear die (from damage) they are reduced by 1 dice per 1 rolled on the gear die.

The 50/50 method was what I had been using so that works for me.

Thanks again.
Fenhorn said Mar 06, 2017 19:56:22
All sorts of ammo (bullets, arrows, slingstones) counts for the "ammo count". So if your character have more than 10 bullets, arrows and/or slingstones it counts as ½ item, if they have more than 20, it counts as 1 and if they have more than 40 it counts as 2 items. Although I don't think I have had any players that ever had more than 10 ammo ever (and I have played a couple of years).

Yeah, ordinary scrap guns (+1) breaks easily. My players don't have a gear-head so they have to go back to their ark to repair and because they haven't a gear-head in the group, that happens all the time.
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MonsterZero said Mar 13, 2017 21:43:27
For recovering arrows, I have my players roll a d6. On a 6, the arrow can be recovered. If the arrow was made durable, it can be recovered on a roll of 2-6. One roll per arrow, no push.
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