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Playing a spider?

posted Feb 12, 2017 14:27:54 by
I have had an idea for a character for some time. I call the archetype a spider. The basic idea is someone who does not have much money, but is sitting in the middle of a web of favors and contacts. Given the more fluid nature of finances in Mutant Chronicles, how would such a character be different then someone whose power an influence come from wealth?
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EdwardAmnonDoernberg said Feb 13, 2017 03:47:52
are you asking in terms of mechanics or fluff.

historically having a strong network of influence would lead to wealth. also maintaining them over the long term usually involves spending money maintaining contacts (parties, diners, gifts). wealth and power attract and feed of each other.

in a capitalist society (most of muticron) it is an inefficient use of influence directly to obtain goods that could be obtained with money. while pulling favors to get a high cost hard to find item is worthwhile, ammunition, vehicle maintenance, radios.

there are a couple of ways you could build such a character in muticron.

a capatolian using fame to represent the web of contacts. fame can get you steep discounts at capitolian shops effectively working in place of earnings. with GM cooperation you could re fluff the system change the restriction on where it works and model what your looking for.

a member of the brotherhood takes a vow of poverty but can request needed gear at no cost. with high persuade you can get pretty much anything without justification. add the network talent from lifestyle and you should have no trouble finding a member of your network.
avatar said Feb 13, 2017 15:27:56
I was mainly thinking in terms of fluff. Thank you.
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