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posted Feb 02, 2017 20:43:35 by BirgerKuhlwilm
Hi guys,
any new stuff forthcoming on your absolutely awesome RPG?? I love it !!
Please tell me more is coming!!

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Elizabeth Lestrad said Apr 13, 2017 17:28:46
I am also curious. Operation Apocalypse was released at the same time as the core rulebook, yet there hasn't been anything on a second run/edition printing or if they are even working on this anymore. They did however say that a second run printing with corrections would not occur until they ran out of copies of the first print run. Either way, hearing nothing on this is kind of worrying.
SteveHanson said Apr 13, 2017 19:28:20
We have still not run out of the first run copies.

Current plans are to publish material supporting Dust Adventures in our new Modiphia Magazine, a free PDF publication. Currently work is ongoing on an errata/FAQ, to be included in an upcoming issue.
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