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Having problems with the logistics

posted Jan 27, 2017 16:36:54 by
What makes no sense for me of the premise is how you can have this earth-is-wiped-out theme with radiation and yet for some reason the "ark" is safe from radiation but the other outside zones are not?

What materials could you find to build the ark after the big explosion and not be radiated to death?

I would like a little more logic as to why/how the ark is safe from radiation? Just to state it so, I find weak.

Unless I'm missing something big here, please explain, thanks
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Fenhorn said Jan 27, 2017 18:18:09
A few points:

* The world was nuked some 250 years before "Year Zero", so things have happened after that (it is around year 2270 give or take some years). Sure no one has cleaned up the zone but it is livable but there are probable spots here and there that is "good enough". Cities have been the target for atomic bombs IRL and people are still living there.

* Since we don't know where the epicenter was for the nuke(s) there are sectors where the Rot has acceptable levels and you can live (so called zone oasis's). Exactly how everything is placed is up to the GM to decide. The reason for this is that we all play on different maps. They have some help to the poor GM to do this, either by random or by GMs choice (recommended).

* The Enclave that is responsible for "Project Eden 2" (the mutant creation project) is of course also responsible for the ark part of the project. When they started that (some 25 years before Year Zero) they probably used a lot of resources for it. They probably scanned the area thoroughly for good spots that could hold arks.

* Regardless if you are mutants from the earlier stages of "Project Eden 2) or is deformed being or part of the Ark project, you probably not live for long. The Elder is old just because he (or she) was rather old when the project started and he lived in the Enclave for his entire life. Maybe the reason is is sick now is that he has been living out in the zone for 25 years. Perhaps to much even though the ark is in a Zone Oasis.
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