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Venusian apocalypse. The temper vs cybertronic.

posted Jan 26, 2017 16:08:54 by EdwardAmnonDoernberg
Venusian apocalypse. The temper vs cybertronic.

PARIS DAY is described in detail on page 15. She is a cybertronic archaeologist (no explicit statement for VAC or TIF) with severely underdeveloped social skills but reasons are given for this that do not include being a VAC and is in a position (primary mission archaeologist) that would not lend itself to the broad scale lack of initiative that comes with being a VAC. To do her job she must make intuitive and imaginative leaps at least within her narrow field of expertise. From this reading I had assumed her to be a TIF with a measure of idiot savant.

On page 61 when discussing possible candidates for the tempter. We have this “Paris Day will not be the Tempted, as her use of the Cybertronic drug XLR8 precludes this.”

Now the general rules for XLR8 and resisting the darkness make a distinction between TIFs and VACs. VACs get Mark 1 making them immune to corruption, while TIFS receive Mark 2, keep their creativity and are merely highly resistant, gaining 2 points of corruption soak (cybertronic page 76).

Also given that the tempter doesn’t roll corruption dice and fill corrupted mental wound boxes is XLR8 mark 2 going to do anything at all against the tempter (frankly I am surprised it doesn’t just use the normal corruption rules)

So am I wrong and she is supposed to be a VAC. Or is the tempter particularly week against cybertronic. Or is she in fact a possible pick for the tempted.

This dose have other implications as there are 2 cybers in my party
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Marc_Langworthy said Jan 30, 2017 13:51:05
Hey Edward,

***Spoilers Ahead

It's been a while since I wrote those rules, so bear with me! The writer's intent was clear in that it had to be a pass or fail test. The Corruption rules would have been a slower fall into darkness, whereas the Dark Temptor's will instantly infests the character's soul if they agree at any point. This is also why it's a fairly easy save, I didn't want to force it onto a character regardless, they have to know that there is no coming back. Hope that explanation helps?

For Paris, the Cybertronic rules weren't readily available at the time. She should certainly be a TIFF. Now, I've not long finished describing the differences between Genetic Pilgrimage, Human Factor and XLR8 in the Dark Eden Campaign. Yes, Mk 2 boosts Corruption Soak, but it is also made from the same Element 13 as Mk 1. Element 13 is drawn from the psionic crystals that the Ancients made use of and it is this crystalline compound that provides immunity to the Dark Temptor's ability to infuse a character's soul with Darkness.

You're not wrong, she is supposed to be a VAC, but the Dark Temptor's abilities provide Cybertronic characters strength against it due to Element 13.
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