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Success, momentum and getting enough to succeed at the check.

posted Jan 26, 2017 16:26:15 by EdwardAmnonDoernberg
Success, momentum and getting enough to succeed at the check.

I had always interpreted there to be a difference between a success and momentum. You get successes from your dice, and successes beyond the difficulty become momentum which you spend to get extra benefits. You can take momentum from the group pool or other sources to improve your results but only if you achieve a basic success. if you are shooting at a target outside of your weapons preferred range it is a D2 check, if you roll less than 2 successes momentum wont help you hit.

Doubt has been cast on my position by a couple of abilities that grant momentum where there is no obvious way to gain extra advantage beyond success. Most notably the symbol of light (brotherhood book page 37 grants momentum on checks to resist dark gifts and supernatural effects. While the dark gift SNARE THE UNWILLING MIND (main book pages 165-166) grants the target a point of momentum on the resistance roll if it is used in combat. These tests to resist an effect don’t really have a way to benefit from extra momentum so if I am right there would be no use for this momentum and the apparent intended effect of making it easier to resist the dark gifts is not achieved.

Was my interpretation simply wrong? Is there a problem with the abilities I mentioned? or are they a special case?

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Nathan.Dowdell said Jan 27, 2017 13:55:28
In some places, that's an error from slightly shifting definitions of Momentum at various stages of development. Those specific examples should, in hindsight, reduce the Difficulty of the tests they resist

In a broader sense, it is worth remembering that bonus Momentum still takes effect in opposed tests (because whichever side gets the most Momentum wins). However, that doesn't consistently apply here as the effects they resist aren't necessarily opposed tests.
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