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Fitting Venusian apocalypse into the larger setting plot.

posted Jan 26, 2017 15:18:56 by EdwardAmnonDoernberg
Fitting Venusian apocalypse into the larger setting plot.

The black temple dates to before the human colonisation and contains 3 sarcophagi containing the remains of people and carved with scenes showing people familiar enough for the PCs to read expressions and make no mention of alien body shape. If they did not appear entirely human I believe this would have been mentioned

Mutants and heretics as well as the dark soul and dark legion campaign books describe the ancient’s as being significantly taller than humans with disproportionally long limbs and fingers, 4 arms and a vertically elongated scull. It would not be possible to mistake them for human.

So who are the warriors in the dark temple. I have several theories, none really satisfying.

Prior to the ancients, a race of humans evolved on earth, trapped the tempter in the dark temple and was then defeated, the ancients probably knew of this and simply defended the site. This contradicts the story point that the ancients where the first race to have any success against the dark soul.

It is described in one of the books that humanity had evolved before the end of the ancient’s war, however they were unnoticed by the ancients until the very end of that war. It is possible that a group of ancients equipped some humans to fight in the war and the 3 bodies are among those. This contradicts the statements about the ancient’s war but doesn’t cause further problems.

I did consider making them be ancients to better align with the history but in dark legion it is a major plot point that there is a very powerful faction within the brotherhood devoted to suppressing all information relating to the ancients to support a narrative that humanity can defeat the darkness without leaning on nonhuman predecessors. But in the second adventure in Venusian apocalypse it is a key point that items are on public display in a museum.
With the corpses and iconography in the temple being human they could easily decide that this supports there narrative, while questions of the place and timing are problematic (on venous, before the development of space flight) it is humans that successfully contained the tempter at some time in the past.
If the corpses and icons where four armed aliens this would be exactly the kind of thing they would be working to suppress.
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ShadowWalker said Jan 26, 2017 16:20:08
Or you can simply treat it as an oudated fluff (that it actually is) that was only updated with rules for use in MC3 as one of Kickstarter goals. I would treat it like that, just like other old MC books - source of inspiration, that can be used, but no longer considered canon.
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Marc_Langworthy said Jan 30, 2017 14:00:49
Hi Edward,

Some elements of Venusian Apocalypse were intentionally left ambiguous. For instance, it hasn't been specifically given a time of occurence within the Mutant Chronicles timeline. As noted by ShadowWalker too, this was more of an update from its original form than a complete re-write.

As the Ancients essentially settled the entire solar system and also discovered early humanity whilst doing so, it would seem reasonable that they conducted genetic experimentation as part of various studies. A scientific outpost on Venus that became the final battleground against one aspect of the Darkness during the Ancient's war would fit.
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avatar said Feb 02, 2017 19:10:26
I always figured it dovetailed very well into the larger plot of the Ancients.
After all, the Ancients made the Guardians, and the Guardians were altered to be able to look human.
This means that the three in the purple Sarcophagi were Humaniform Guardians.
That would put the timeline at just after the Apostles were sealed.
Meaning that the Tempter was one of the remnants that escaped the initial sealing, and had to be sealed away separately.
So the Tempter just might know where a certain device on Earth is. Increasing the threat it represents.
Of course, if there was one straggler, were there others? Are there more cans of sealed evil to find?
And the fourth guy on the black Sarcophagus? Tempter, or Tempted?
MagnusEriksson said Feb 03, 2017 15:33:09
Very interesting. I'm at the same spot, GMing Venusian Apocalypse and realizing that I actually need some answers to who these entombed heroes are. The players are going to need some answers on this. We're playing in "present time", DL era.

I haven't hade time to delve into the Ancients/Guardians storyline, but that is many thousand years ago, finding early humanity? So the heroes could be Guardians, that would make them and the pyramid how old?

Is there a particular passage I should read for a "crash course" on the timeline with the Ancients? I've got all the books.
BillHeron said Feb 03, 2017 16:30:56
Chapter 2 of Mutants & Heretics :)
Primitive humanity is when they start messing about with oor DNA.
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EdwardAmnonDoernberg said Feb 04, 2017 16:39:11
I dont think the players can learn anything about who built the pyramid in VA. There are several indications that say, pre colonization. And along time pre colonisation at that. But there realy isnt anything to learn who or when beond that.

As the gm i want an answer because it makes it easier to tell the players that the mistery fits the world back story.
Marc_Langworthy said Feb 06, 2017 19:08:34
So an outpost of the Ancients that had been established during their time of tinkering with human DNA should fit then Edward. The Ancients could have easily transported human subjects to Venus during this period, roughly around the Neanderthal age or a little later I guess.
Writer for Modiphius. Line Manager for Mutant Chronicles.
EdwardAmnonDoernberg said Feb 07, 2017 18:12:09
Yeh. Thats what i was going with. Still undesided if they are humens trained and equiped by ancients (or guardians) or human form guardians.

Thats just a decision. If the players ask i can now knowingky respond that it is a verry good question they dont have the answer to. Why this requires me to know there is an answer i do knot know

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