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Freedom Brigade Campaign

posted Jan 23, 2017 21:53:48 by BillMorton
So we rolled Freedom Brigade characters the other night using the point buy system. The intent is to run that on the nights not enough people can make the regular campaign. It's going to be a brutal meat grinder when we play. Some ideas and questions on a couple of things.

I remember reading that they get the hand-me-down armor and guns when they give them gear. So what I thought about doing is having them roll a d20 from first to last, then from last to first, and have them pick out their individual gear; Head, Torso, Rt Arm, Lft Arm, Rt Leg, Lft Leg, and weapon. Each individual piece will have it's armor rating or quality but show obvious signs of wear and tear. So for example, they'll get to pick from 7 helmets with respective armor soaks of 3,2,2,1,1,1,and X where X has no soak value. I think this will give a good reflection of the crappy armor they have.

The neurotoxin? I didn't find any rules(point me to it if I missed it)on it's affects but intense and high stress situations tend to speed up it's affects. How can I measure those affects? As Dread goes up increase the Difficulty Step for actions? Or when a repercussion happens in high stress situations increase that individual's Difficulty Step?

Rank? Are all these criminals just Privates or once they earn some trust they move up the NCO ranks? If so how far? I was thinking just Gunnery Sergeant.

Thoughts? Additional ideas?
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BillMorton said Jan 24, 2017 19:09:16
Follow up question. How many do you think are covering the McCraig line? A battalion, 300-1000?
BloodAxeKommando said Feb 04, 2017 15:54:16
The Freedom Brigade class description in the 1st edition Capitol Source book (page 11-12) says that you can't be an officer, only a grunt. Since the old MC rules call all soldiers who aren't commissioned officers grunts, I'd say that Freedom Brigade soldiers can reach NCO ranks. The book even has some recommendations for missions in Freedom Brigade campaigns (page 63-64) such as "Infiltrate a Heretic Cell".

I wouldn't require every player to take the Freedom brigade iconic career. Characters with other (iconic) careers have joined the Brigades very recently. Then you might cover basic training in one or two sessions.

You may also allow one player to play a character who is an officer of lower rank (2nd or 1st Lieutenant) if the other players do not have problems with that.

About numbers on the McCraig Line. According to the description on page 88 of the 3rd edition Capitol Source Book, countless of Freedom Brigadeers die on the line. In my opinion, there should be several divisions covering it (not only Freedom Brigades).
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Marcin.Skupnik said Feb 04, 2017 20:10:36
How many do you think are covering the McCraig line?

There are around 2 billion Capitolians in the Solar System, assuming a similar size of the military to current American one that's 1% serving in uniform. So just for perspective we have 20 million servicemen.

Considering the description of McCraig as hundreds of miles we would be safe to say that somewhere between a corps (~3 divisions) and a field army (~10 divisons) is stationed there. BloodAxeCommando is right on the money about more than Freedom Brigades serving on the line (although only armored battalions are officially mentioned). You would have at least a division of Freedom Brigades on the line (consisting of three infantry brigades plus support), if not two.
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