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Why can the animal characters get mutated?

posted Jan 21, 2017 13:23:47 by
If we ignore the obvious answer - "because it's fun" - why can animal mutants get mutation?


Didn't the mutants get their mutations because they were all raised in the same lab? It's not like they got the mutations spontaneously from postapocalyptic radiation.

So why are some mutated animals - that are created in a totally different lab controlled by another global power - able to get the exact same kind of mutations?
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Fenhorn said Jan 21, 2017 23:48:26
Both Projects (Project Genesis and Project Eden Part 2) are based on the same thing. So the simple answer would be. They are a mistake but since mutations doesn't show immediately those animals was probably not spotted right away and was released in the Valley, but will probably be treated as abominations by the robots (if the robots can spot that they are not pure). So those two projects are related.
The two other classes (robots and non-mutated humans) introduces two other projects that in some way are related to each other but has no relation to these DNA projects (those two projects are robotics/biomechatronics).
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avatar said Feb 01, 2017 18:45:17
When you say that the projects are based on the same thing, do you mean the research of Dr Crake? Wasn't he affiliated with Mimer up in space?
Fenhorn said Feb 01, 2017 20:32:10
Jeremiah created Project Eden "during the final years of the Old Age, before the final Fall". He died in the Red Plague. This was before "The Great Escape" and the the rising of the Titan Powers. Later, scientists from the Titan power Mimir finished Jeremiah's Project (this is referred to as Project Eden Part 2).
The projects are both based on dna splicing (Eden= Human with Animal DNA; Genesis= Animals with Human DNA). We can therefore assume that both of these Titan powers had access to the information available before the creation of the Titan powers. Jeremiah was the leading scientist for this.

Since Genlab Alpha let their subjects breed and took subjects into the lab and released them again. Their testing is ongoing so mistakes can happen every now and then. The watchers of course go out in the valley and remove these mistakes. These mistakes are unstable (like the mutants).
Mimir had another approach. Their subjects grow more slowly (many years) so they where released directly into the zone. The players group of mutants are all of the same age and are all unstable. There are other mutants in the zone (probably from earlier test groups).
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