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posted Jan 21, 2017 03:23:51 by romainduchesnes

I am trying to assemble 2 minis out of the BLACK SUN TROOPERS blisters/sets. Both of these minis should not carry any weapon as I intend to use them for another game.

As far as I understand, these minis are available in sets of 3 or 10. The minis need to be assembled as far as I can tell, with at least the arms coming on separate sprues.

This is the 3 minis set:

And the 10 minis set:

I know that if I buy the 10 minis set I would be able to assemble at least one mini (maybe more) with two unarmed arms since one of them is left-handed.

However it is unclear whether:

1. I would be able to do the same with the 3 minis blister
2. If the 10 minis set would let me assemble two unarmed minis

The safest option of course would be to buy 2 sets of ten minis but that would make a total of 70 pounds just to be able to make the two minis I want.

Any idea?
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