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Struggling with the Dark Symmetry/Chronicle point economics

posted Jan 18, 2017 15:48:53 by MagnusEriksson
I am running a Campaign (venusian apocalypse), first one with 3rd edition. THe mechanics are great, but I'm really struggling with the Dark symmetry Point mechanic (and chronicle Points to a certain degree). What are your experiences with the system? Our sessions last about 3-3,5 hours which should be fairly standard. More often than not I end up flooded in DS Points, especially if the session does not include combat. The players tend to give me a DS Point or two to succeed on skill rollls and I start with 8 (four players with 2 chronicle Points each). It sometimes feels like the game is made for hundreds of deice rolls every session and assumes more than one combat as well, which very rarely happens.

I would be grateful for any advice on how to get a flowing DS economy, especially in sessions with no combats (yes, special abilities consume DS but in the written adventures there are not that many fights with DS using adversaries). How do you use it? Have you skipped it altogether? Do you inflict Dread and corruption on items every five minutes? It's also hard to know what dangers require DS and when not to use it (for example some hazards in the jungle in VA is stated to "cost" DS Point while others are not.

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Marc_Langworthy said Jan 18, 2017 20:36:58
Hi Magnus, I'll get back to you with some tips tomorrow, but you might want to look in to the Dark Symmetry deck in the mean time. Lots of ideas in there for various spends that aren't keyed to combat.
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EdwardAmnonDoernberg said Jan 19, 2017 06:34:06
Ha. I have the oposit problem. My players are very reluctant to give DS points so i find i can rarely include surprise tech failure and many final bosses cant use there abilities because i am short on points.

Just depends on your players attitude.
Marc_Langworthy said Jan 19, 2017 09:48:00
On that Edward, build some Dark Symmetry Generators into the encounters :) A corrupt piece of tech that pulses with Dark Symmetry until it's destroyed, or a profane location that literally taints the very air with Symmetry. Either one could be used to add some Dark Symmetry to the pool every turn.
Writer for Modiphius. Line Manager for Mutant Chronicles.
MagnusEriksson said Jan 20, 2017 10:43:49
Thanks for the replies, I could really use some more tips. I'll have a look at the symmetry deck. How is it supposed to be used? Just draw a couple of cards from the deck, spend DS to draw or arbitrarily choose cards to use? Having the whole deck available feels a bit overwhelming.

As as stated above I like the mechanics behind the DS economy and the thoughts behind it. In combat heavy sessions it works fine, with special abilities, lots of dice rolls, reinforcements and Reloads. But a normal session for me includes about 20-25 Dice rolls total, lots of roleplaying and descriptions. For example the last session (SPOILER) started with the PCs entering the Blackk pyramid in Venusian Apocalypse, they climbed down and discoved things inside and it ended with the discovery of templars closing in and me with a DS pool of about 20 (since it was late I didn't have the option to run the fight; that would have meant a really tough one though with the big pool. Maybe I should test the solution with DS Points staying in the pool between sessions?
BillHeron said Jan 23, 2017 16:47:04
What I also do is use DSP points to add flavour to skill tests. It's easy to use that spanner to unscrew the live warhead - until you drop it! ;) - or the countdown suddenly speeds up c.f Han Solo at the Endor bunker door ;).
If you're in the middle of an action sequence, it's probably best to make a note of Momentum, Chronicle points, and DSPs and pick up where you left off rather than starting over.
Remember that Momentum does "bleed off" too so it won't be around forever ;)
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