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New Year, New Rules

posted Jan 07, 2017 16:52:02 by Mark Furnell
Any news at all about the collectors edition? I have an itch to do more with this fab rule set.

I know you guys are swamped with other stuff - But there are a core of players on here and on Facebook who would perhaps welcome the opportunity to playtest the full rule set?



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MartinWickham said Feb 09, 2017 20:17:08
Mark, you are right! I think we are all desperate to find out about the special edition! Come on Modiphius put us out of Our misery and let us know when we can get hold of this?
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wicky0570 said Mar 01, 2017 19:40:48
It's such a shame that nobody is replying to this and letting us know what is going on? Also I hear that a magazine called Modiphia is coming out with some extra cards within, does anyone know any details about this?
Martin Wickham (wicky0570)
SteveHanson said Mar 02, 2017 05:34:58
Modiphius will be a free PDF magazine, that you can download. The cards will need to be printed by you so you can use them.There should be some scenarios coming up also.
There currently is no information to share concerning further rules.
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