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Final Final preview Feedback

posted Dec 23, 2016 02:38:57 by SteveHanson
Tell us what you think.
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To his friend a man
a friend shall prove,
To him and the friend of his friend;
But never a man
shall friendship make
With one of his foeman's friends.
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LucaCherstich said Dec 23, 2016 09:08:14
As said on the Ks comments.
-p.141 "saber" label to be changed into "cutlass"
P.143 "bearded axe" label to be changed into "battle axe" or "nordheimer battle axe" in order to avoid confusion.
P.144. "target shield" to be changed maybe to "?". Please tell us what entry in terms of stats is this supposed to represent.
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LucaCherstich said Dec 23, 2016 19:14:23
Maybe it's not an error...but an odd thing about the adjective related to a person/thing/language/geographical feature from Koth.
You continuously switch in use the adjectives "Kothic" and "Kothian" with no apparent reason.

That's what appears in the last version of this pdf just using simple "search" tool in the pdf reader:

p.14 (3 times, refered to "Kothic" language)
p.43 and 46 in the example
p.68 refered to language
p.190, second column, third line "Kothic vassal state"
p.215 Under "Khoraja", 3 times
p.216 1st column: "Kothic gods" and "Kothic wars" in the right box.
p.277, 2nd column "Kothic succession"
p.292, 2nd column, example "Kothic city-state"

p.190, first column "Kothian King" and second column "Kothian cities"....In the same page you also use "Kothic vassal state" which means that you change the chosen version in the same page!
p.216 1st column, "City of..." paragraph you say "Kothian Escarpment"
p. 216 "Khauran" paragraph you say "Kothian maps"
p.250. 2nd column, last paragraph, you say twice "Kothians"

I'm not an Howard scholar.
Can you check with Any REH scholar who can tell us what's the purest version from Howard writings?
Maybe I'm wrong and maybe REH uses both versions (and so my comment here is useless)...but I'm curious about it.
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Jason Durall said Dec 24, 2016 07:23:52
Howard used Kothic and Kothian interchangeably.

“Aquilonia has a king instead of the anarchy they feared,” said Servius at last. “Valerius does not protect his subjects against his allies. Hundreds who could not pay the ransom imposed upon them have been sold to the Kothic slave-traders.”
- The Hour of the Dragon

“Argos and Stygia were at war,” he said abruptly. “Koth became embroiled. The Kothians urged a simultaneous invasion of Stygia. Argos raised an army of mercenaries, which went into ships and sailed southward along the coast. At the same time, a Kothic army was to invade Stygia by land."
- Untitled Draft

LucaCherstich said Dec 24, 2016 08:02:31
LucaCherstich said Jan 08, 2017 14:23:02
Table of Contents
Regarding "Hyborian world" page n.218 is still indicated as "The Vilayet Sea and the Western Ocean" while it should be just "The Western Ocean"
LucaCherstich said Jan 08, 2017 14:31:46
Page 13, 1st column, 2nd paragraph.
"The following chapter presents a number of pre-generated characters...."
Where are they?
They are not present!

Furthermore this maybe contradicts page 351 in the "Preparation section" which says that pre-generated are downladable from Modiphius website.

I just realized that you added "pregens" at the end of the book but still you should change that reference on p.13 "The following chapter presents a number of pre-generated characters...." since they are NOT on the "following chapter".
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LucaCherstich said Jan 08, 2017 17:03:55
P.39, "Educated on the Battlefield" section in the "Equipment" part:
what kind of equipment is a "battlefield honor"??
LucaCherstich said Jan 08, 2017 17:19:11
p.150, figures.
"medium armor" label should be "heavy armor"
LucaCherstich said Jan 08, 2017 17:27:07
p. 198.
The title "The Vilayet Sea and Beyond" should be changed into "Beyond the Vilayet Sea".
In fact in that paragraph you DO NOT describe anything about the Vilayet but only regions which are beyond that.

By the way, do we have any specific section on the Vilayet other than the mentions p.230?.
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LucaCherstich said Jan 08, 2017 17:40:33
p.200, first column, last line.
Why do you say "ICY Valhalla"? I feel that "icy" should be deleted.
If Nordheimer Valhalla works like Viking Valhalla it should be the opposite of icy! It should be a WARM hall where heroes drink and eat!
Cawdorthane said Jan 08, 2017 22:07:41
Posted this on the older preview feedback thread, but that thread seems dead... So thought I should repost it here just in case it was missed:

Not sure if this is strictly feedback on typo's but the "Living Shadow" talent on page 83 seems broken. A character having six+ Talents or ranks of talents in Stealth Skills would in theory gain 6 Momentum on all hide or ambush struggles - ouch!!! No other Talent is so devastating as I read them. Could I respectfully suggest that "Living Shadow" be changed to have ranks up to three and it read:

"You are adept at using terrain effects and social cues to
remain unnoticed by observers. When attempting to remain
unseen or unnoticed, you gain bonus Momentum equal to
the total number of your ranks in Living Shadow."

SimonYork said Jan 15, 2017 21:37:40
Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but on pg 115 under Ranged attack it mentions the attacker may be subject to a Retaliate Reaction if in reach of any enemy. Retaliate only mentions an enemy making a non-attack skill test or moving away from the enemy.
Can this be clarified? I'm happy to houserule it but would be nice if it was in there officialy

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