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Skirmish pdf change log?

posted Dec 17, 2016 14:56:33 by Paul Smith
Now the Skirmish book and the Black Sun campaign book are released, I've noticed that we've had a few updates to the pdf versions. Is there a changelog somewhere that tells us what is different between pdf versions and the printed edition please? I've noticed some pictures changing, but I'm not sure what else is different
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SteveHanson said Dec 29, 2016 15:55:15
Sorry Paul, we have no change log. The writers basically made the changes that were needed and moved on.
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Paul Smith said Jan 11, 2017 12:45:17
That is... unfortunate. It would be really useful to know what has changed, especially as this now means the print versions are potentially not correct. Even more so when it comes to the various RPG systems that you are writing...
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