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What's in the box?

posted Dec 05, 2016 13:49:09 by
I am working on a campaign where the party is carrying around a mcguffin in the form of a box that they do not have the means to open. What I would like help with is a reason for the party to not abandon or hand over the box. While payment comes to mind, I am a bit concerned with potential balance problem that can come from a massive cash drop like that. Thank you in advance.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Dec 05, 2016 17:29:07
Why can't they open it. If they could open it, a simple yellow light inside would be enough...

Failing that... make it something that's extremely valuable but only to a few specific people. And valuable in a way that money alone can't compare to. If it's incriminating evidence or vital information for or about someone important in one of the megacorps, then there'll be select groups of people interested in it, and getting it to them in particular could be worth power, influence, favours from the mighty and well-connected, and the opportunity for bigger jobs later. Mystical relics of the kind the Brotherhood hunt are another good one - the Brotherhood are less likely to reward in cash, but favours and connections are extremely useful.
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avatar said Dec 05, 2016 17:44:25
So here is what I am thinking, the Brotherhood has hired the group to take care of the mcguffin. They are told that the contract will be void if they tamper with the box. The box is designed to be extremely difficult to open without just destroying the box, which is not an easy task. The box contains something that the Brotherhood wants to lock away. They are hoping that the party will slip under the radar of those who want to use the mcguffin for bad reasons. Thank you for the feedback and prompting. Feel free to keep it coming if you wish.
EdwardAmnonDoernberg said Dec 15, 2016 11:44:04
Why would they want to abandon it. A relatively small payment should be enough to motivate them if there is no great hardship in carrying it.

If the brotherhood wants to suppress the object they could inform the PCs that it is there moral duty to deliver it intact because it is an artifact of darkens that must be destroyed or it is a artifact of light key to a plan to defend humanity (doesn't need to be true)

for the sake of the story i assume the PCs will not fly under the radar. they could choose to hand it over to those trying to intercept it for there lives, or for more money. but that would be treason and heresy, there are story consequences for those kinds of actions.
BillHeron said Dec 22, 2016 14:13:44
To rip off the Dr Who Genesis Ark, the box is a prison for Dark Legion entities inside. Alternatively, every time they try and get rid of it something Bad happens and the box reappears. Or it works like the Babylon 5 Crusade "Apocalypse Box". Something capable of providing answers to questions, but which are not always truthful.
Maybe the chance to rid themselves of the box is payment enough ;)
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SteveHanson said Dec 22, 2016 19:18:13
It's full of cheese. Very rare and expensive cheese.
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Jerry Webster said Jan 17, 2017 22:07:34
Make the box like Columbo's coat. Every time they leave it somewhere it shows back up again.
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