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Pupperteer mutation

posted Nov 30, 2016 23:55:03 by JoaquimBall-lloseraCastillo
Hi, first time on the forum.

Got a question regarding the Puppeteer mutation level of power. Does it allow to force only a "physical action" or can be played as "jedi style" manipulation power?

ex. physical action: shoot someone, jump, hand something in...
ex. jedi manip: "let me in", "ignore me", "these aren't the mutants you are looking for", "give me a grub ration"...

Thanks for your help.
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Fenhorn said Dec 01, 2016 00:42:22
Well, it say "next action" and an action in MY0 is everything. Talk is an action. Since the control is very brief (an action) and the victim doesn't forget that he has been under control but I will say that all your examples will work but the victim will afterwards say to himself "wait a minute ...". Then what the victim will do with that information is up to GM (how much does the victim know of such powers and so on).
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MonsterZero said Dec 05, 2016 22:38:20
The jedi bit would be more telepathy with its idea plant than puppeteer.
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